Trump Wants Teams to Fire Players Who Kneel for Anthem; Expect Huge Legal Battle if They Try

Patriots Owner Who Supported Trump Fires Back at ‘SOB’ Speech

Trump Travel Ban Expires Sunday; New Ban May Vary by Country

GOP Attempts To Bribe Alaska Senator By Letting Her State Keep Obamacare

New Orleans Mayoral Candidate Charged With Masturbating In An Uber

Justice Neil Gorsuch Accused of Campaigning for Senator Mitch McConnell

Zachary Adams Agrees To Life Without Parole For Holly Bobo Murder

California Cop Shoots And Kills Unarmed Man Outside Of 7-Eleven (VIDEO)

ACLU Sues St. Louis Over Treatment of Protesters

Trump Travel Ban Expires Sunday; New Ban May Vary By Country

Couple Caught Having Two Kinds Of Sex At Domino’s Pizza While Employees Watch (VIDEO)

Gas Station Clerk Suspended After Shooting Armed Robbery Suspect In Self Defense

James Comey Speech Goes off Rails After Student Protesters Heckle Him (VIDEO)

Two Child Care Employees Taunt and Abuse Eight-Year-Old Autistic Child (VIDEO)

WATCH: Atlanta Cops Amazing Rescue of 2 Trapped in Burning Car

Prosecutors Chime in on Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Pardon

‘The Klan With a Tan’: Calls For St. Louis Cop To Be Fired After Offensive Black Lives Matter Post

Christian Charity Run by Roy Moore’s Wife Broke Law by Promoting His Campaign, Complaint Says

Multiple Florida Personal Injury Attorneys Implicated In Medical Injury Kickback Scheme

Border Patrol Arrests Undocumented Couple As Their Infant Prepares For Surgery

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