sexual assault

Cosby’s Retrial Delayed as New Lawyers Join Case

Taylor Swift Notches First Legal Victory Against DJ Who Allegedly Groped Her

Mother Stopped Son’s Sexual Assault of Ex-Girlfriend, Police Say

‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Star Pleaded Not Guilty, But Admits Substance Abuse Problem

Man Deported 20 Times Before Sexually Assaulting Elderly Woman, Police Say

Cop Sexually Assaulted Woman at Police Station, Prosecutors Say

This Student Was Found Not Guilty of Sexual Assault, Despite Admitting Sexual Assault

No Sex Assault Charges for Michael Irvin, Prosecutors Say

Columbia Settles Lawsuit Filed by Target of Mattress Protest

Teacher Blames Her Teen Victim, Says He Pressured Her into Sex Like ‘Used Car Salesman’

‘I Took an Oath’: Brock Turner Judge Defends Light Sentence Amid Recall Efforts

North Carolina Considers Making Rape Illegal

NC Law: Once Women Start Having Sex, They’re Not Allowed To Stop

Woman Claiming Sexual Assault by Driver Says Uber Should be Held Accountable

Investigation Determines No Sexual Assault in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Incident

Cosby Jury Deadlocked, Judge Tells Them to Keep Trying

Bill Cosby Jury to Hear More of His Deposition Testimony

Prosecutors Rest Their Case at Bill Cosby’s Trial

Sheriff Who Allegedly Directed 900 Students to Be Groped is About to Feel Parents’ Wrath

Cosby Accuser to Resume Testimony in Sex Assault Trial

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