WATCH: This Naked Man Flings 100-Pound Weights from Top of Crane

Senate Dems Will ‘Grind Chamber to a Halt’ Over GOP Healthcare Bill

Committee Chair Insists No Change to Rules on Filming Interviews with Senators, Despite Media Reports

James Comey Will Testify Before Senate

If Comey Testifies Trump ‘Pressured’ Him to End Russia Investigation, Legally, Is That Obstruction of Justice?

James Comey Will Testify Trump Pushed Him to End Flynn Investigation, Report Says

Law Professor: Congress Could Still Get Past Flynn’s Fifth Amendment Claim Without Granting Immunity

GOP Senator’s Bill Competes with House’s AHCA

‘Far Dirtier Hands’: Former Dem Senate Leader Blames His Own Party for Gorsuch Confirmation

Filibuster Looms as Gorsuch Nomination Heads to Full Senate Vote

Senate Heads for Supreme Court Showdown

Even Lindsey Graham Is Ready to End Filibuster if Dems Block Gorsuch

Entire Senate Demands Feds Take Action as Sixth Wave of Bomb Threats Target Jewish Centers

Senate Wants to Block Rule on Guns and Mentally Ill

Can a Senate Filibuster be Used to Stop Judge Gorsuch’s Supreme Court Appointment?

Senate Republicans Suspend Committee Rules to Push Forward Controversial Cabinet Nominations

Sessions Gets it Really Wrong, Calls Roe v. Wade Unconstitutional

CENSORED: Blocks Adult Content and They Sure Aren’t Happy About It

Bipartisan Group of Senators Want to Probe Claims of Russian Election Interference

Report: FBI Investigating Campaign Donations for Senate Candidate

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