Robert Mueller

Why Manafort Getting An FBI Visit Should Scare Team Trump

Legal Expert Says Trump’s Messages to Mueller Could Be Construed as Intimidation

3 Reasons Why Trump Should Be Concerned That Mueller Impaneled a Grand Jury

Mueller May Have Been Illegally Appointed to Job, Legal Expert Says

‘Pissed’ Sessions Refuses to Quit Despite Trump’s Criticism, Ally Says

Trump Jr., Manafort Decide To Skip Out On Publicly Testifying

Mueller Investigating Trump, Kushner Dealings in Russia Probe, Report Says

Um, What? Flynn To Set Up ‘Fund’ For Legal Costs In Russia Probe, Source Says

Robert Mueller Will be Next to Hear ‘You’re Fired!’ from Trump

Noncommittal DOJ Letter Makes Group Wonder if Russia Probe Is Looking at Priebus

Now Lawyer with Expertise in Russia Joins FBI Probe of Trump Connections

Mueller, Rosenstein May Have to Recuse Themselves in Trump Investigation, Prof Says

Trump Lawyer Says Confusing Tweet Was Response to Post Story

Special Counsel Has No ‘Full-Scale’ Investigation of Donald Trump Yet, Reporter Says

Trump Believes He Has Legal Authority To Fire Robert Mueller (And He Probably Does)

No, Gingrich, Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia Investigation Isn’t Partisan

Comey Firing Could be Part of Special Counsel Investigation, Rosenstein Says

‘I Just Don’t Know’: Rosenstein Not Sure What Special Counsel Could Do if Fired Unjustly

Rosenstein: No Reason to Fire Special Counsel Mueller

The Law Says President Trump Can’t Just ‘Fire’ Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller

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