Harlem Fuming After ‘Racist Cop’ Dumps Water On Community Barbecue (WATCH)

NY State Trooper Declares ‘Open Season’ On NYPD As Payback For Drunk Driving Arrest

The NYPD Bragged About Seizing A Handful Of Drugs, So Twitter Lit Them Up

Fmr NYPD Sergeant Found Guilty of Sexual Abuse After Throwing Semen on Coworker

This One Image Shows The Power Of Filming Police Interactions

Teenager Loudly Plays N.W.A.’s ‘F-ck Tha Police’ As Thousands Of Cops Mourn At Police Funeral

Killer In NYPD Shooting Harbored Anti-Police Sentiments, Posted On Social Media Prior To Attack

New York City Cop Fatally Shot While Sitting in Patrol Car

NYPD’s Solution to Police Brutality Videos? Knock Peoples’ Phones Away, Report Says

Former NYPD Psychologist Gets Prison for Shooting Husband

Mechanic Says He Doesn’t Know Why 8 Men Beat Him Up (WATCH)

NYPD Drug Bust Nets Guns, Crack Cocaine and… an Alligator!

WATCH: NYPD Release Terrifying Video of Masked Shotgun Wielding Man

Cops: Mom Brutally Beats 71-Year-Old Woman After She Scolded Her Child for Bad Manners

NYPD: No Evidence of Vandalism at Largely Jewish Cemetery

Police Investigating After Video Showed Officer Using Taser on Pregnant Teen

WATCH: Out of Control ‘Professor’ Screams at Cops for Keeping Mob Away From ‘Nazi’ Gavin McInnes

WATCH: Employees Fight Back to Thwart Attempted Armed Robbery

Police Captain Says He’s Only Worried About ‘True Stranger Rapes’

Brazen Trio Accused of Stealing $6 Million With 7,000 NYC Cops Stationed Nearby

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