Joe Arpaio

Mayor Thinks Trump Is Coming to Phoenix for Arpaio Pardon

Trump ‘Seriously Considering’ Arpaio Pardon

Joe Arpaio Says He’d Happily Accept a Pardon from Trump

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio Convicted of Criminal Contempt for Ignoring Judge’s Order

Arpaio Ignored Court Order to Keep His Name in the News, Prosecutor Says

Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Defend Reputation at Criminal Trial

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says Investigation ‘Concludes’ Obama’s Birth Certificate is Forgery

Sheriff Arpaio Claims New ‘Revelations’ in Obama Birth Certificate Investigation

Could Racial Profiler Sheriff Joe Arpaio Be Trump’s First Pardon? Why It Might Happen.

Feds Will Charge Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio With Criminal Contempt

Sheriff Joe Found in Contempt for Violating Racial Profiling Order

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