fourth amendment

ACLU Files Lawsuit To Keep ICE’s Hands Off Our Cell Phones

Why Police Can’t Just Take Someone’s Blood While They’re Unconscious

Court: Cops Can Kill Your Dogs If You Don’t Have A License For Them

WATCH: Man-bunned Cop Accused of Breaking Into Car, Walks Away When Confronted

ACLU: Cops Don’t Have a Constitutional Right To Rape Protesters

Sheriff Who Allegedly Directed 900 Students to Be Groped is About to Feel Parents’ Wrath

Flag-Burning Arrest Turns Into Lawsuit Against Police

LISTEN: Cops Accidentally Recorded Themselves Making Up Charges Against Protester, Lawsuit Says

Judges: Feds Can’t Make Microsoft Yield Customer Emails Stored Overseas

Justice Sotomayor Says Police Can Now Stop You For No Reason Except She’s Wrong

Tabloid Refuses to Comply With Court Order to Turn Over Audio in Charlie Sheen Investigation

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