First Amendment

Why Sarah Sanders Is Right That Name-Calling Trump Is A ‘Fireable Offense’

Churches Sue FEMA Over Policy Excluding Them From Disaster Relief Funds

Federal Court: Mexican-American Studies Unconstitutionally Banned In Arizona

This Is America. Of Course You Can Legally Fire A White Supremacist.

Gay Students’ Yearbook Quotes Were Removed Because They Might ‘Offend’

Why Trump Should Be Found Guilty Of Incitement To Riot

Court Reconsiders Allowing Incitement Case Against Trump To Go Forward

‘He is Vile’: ACLU Lawyer Goes Rogue, Blasts Org’s Decision to Defend Milo

The ACLU Deserves to Be Corrected For Their Intellectual Trash on Michelle Carter

Pro-Life Teens Win Settlement from School After Vice Principal Told Them ‘Go to Hell’ (WATCH)

If Trump Jr. Is Guilty, So Is Every Democrat Who Takes Information From ‘Dreamers’

Sorry But The Constitution Actually Protects Trump Jr. From Prosecution

These People Got Blocked by Trump for What They Tweeted and Now They Are Suing

Sorry, Not Incitement: Trump’s Wrestling Tweet Is Protected by First Amendment

Project Veritas‘ Secretly Recorded Videos ‘Exposing’ CNN Could Be Illegal

NYPD’s Solution to Police Brutality Videos? Knock Peoples’ Phones Away, Report Says

ACLU: Cops Don’t Have a Constitutional Right To Rape Protesters

ACLU: Michelle Carter Conviction Violates First Amendment

First-Grader Punished for Refusing to Say Pledge of Allegiance, Lawsuit Says

Lawsuit Argues Games Like “Pokémon Go” Should Have First Amendment Protections

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