CIA Employees Fired After Stealing Over $3,000 In Vending Machine Snacks

Report: Obama Officials Kept List of Russia Investigation Docs so Trump Team Couldn’t ‘Bury’ Info

Report: Multi-Agency Probe Investigating Possible Secret Russian Money Used to Aid Trump

Sorry But Alleged Russian Influence in Presidential Election Won’t Lead to a ‘Do-Over’

Fmr CIA Officer Shockingly Calls for New Election Amid Latest Russian Interference Claims

Pence: Waterboarding Won’t Be Ruled Out in Trump Administration

In ‘Unprecedented Move’, Judge Orders Fmr. CIA Officials to Testify About Enhanced Interrogation Program

Lawyers for Accused 9/11 Plotters Claim Judge Allowed Prosecutors to Destroy Evidence

Ex-Fox News Pundit Wayne Simmons, Who Falsely Claimed CIA Past, Sentenced for Fraud

Newly Unsealed Court Filings Reveal Disturbing First-Person Account of Enhanced Interrogation

CIA Psychologists Admit Administering ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques’ to Detainee

Former CIA Officer to Face Jail in Italy, Claims Hillary Clinton ‘Abandoned Her’

Abu Zubaydah May Testify Publicly About Alleged Abuse at GITMO Tribunal Hearing

CIA Faces Backlash After Marking Anniversary of Bin Laden Raid With ‘Live Tweets’

Psychologists Behind CIA Torture Program Try to Throw Out Lawsuit from ‘Tortured’ Prisoners

Trump Calls CIA Director’s Refusal to Consider Waterboarding a Sign of Weakness

Watchdog Group Sues CIA for a Peek at Bin Laden’s Porn Stash

Ex-CIA Officer Who Leaked Classified Info Says Hillary Clinton Getting Free Pass

Fmr. CIA Director: Trump Will Need His ‘Own Damn Bucket’ to Waterboard

Teen Accused of Hacking CIA Director Now in Custody

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