Brad Pitt

Brad and Angelina to Keep Their Divorce Under Wraps and Hire ‘Private Judge’

Report: FBI Closes Brad Pitt Child Abuse Investigation, No Charges

FBI Investigation Into Child Abuse Accusations Against Brad Pitt is Reportedly Back On

Report: Brad Pitt Will Not Face Federal Charges Over Child Abuse Allegations

Report: Pitt and Jolie Settle on Temporary Custody Deal

Brad and Angelina Reportedly Have a Solid Pre-Nup; But What About the Kids?

Brad Pitt Hires High Profile Attorney Amid Allegations of Child Abuse

To Win Sole Physical Custody, Angelina Must Prove Brad’s a Terrible Dad

What It Means (Legally) that Brad Pitt is Being ‘Investigated’ For Child Abuse

FBI Investigating Brad Pitt Child Abuse Allegations, New Report Says

UPDATE: LAPD Calls BS on Brad Pitt Child Abuse Investigation

Money? Kids? Brangelina’s Divorce: Everything You Need to Know

When it Comes to Adoptions, the Rules Don’t Seem to Apply to Brad and Angelina

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