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Watch: Brandon Banks Sentencing

‘I Will Not’: Mother of Charlottesville Victim Refuses to Meet with President Trump

Ex-Treasure Hunter to Present Request to End Ohio Jail Time

Maryland Removes Statue of Pro-Slavery Chief Justice

Sen Blumenthal Suing Trump Over Emoluments, Appears to Be in ‘Violation’ Himself

Democrat Wasserman-Schultz’ Former IT Guy Indicted On Four Felony Counts

TBT: When Donald Trump Personally Destroyed Beautiful and Irreplaceable Statues

‘Grave Danger’: Dem Rep Says Trump Must Be Removed Under 25th Amendment

Mayor Thinks Trump Is Coming to Phoenix for Arpaio Pardon

Democratic Lawmaker Posts, Deletes ‘I Hope Trump is Assassinated!’

Woman Allegedly Sexually Assaulted As Multiple Passersby Do Nothing To Help Her (WATCH)

GOP Rep. Calls for Hearing on Effect of White Supremacy in America

Man Pulled Out Fake AR-15 Because Friend Was Denied Ice Cream, Cops Say

Black Man Destroys Man Who Calls Him A ‘N*gger’ (WATCH)

Crowds Of People Turn Themselves In to Police For Tearing Down Confederate Statues (WATCH)

Female Inmates Feel Endangered by Trans Women in Prison, Lawsuit Claims

Trump’s Lawyer Has Most Absurd Excuse for For Sending Out Secessionist Email

Congressman Drafts Articles of Impeachment Against Trump After Charlottesville Remarks

Michigan Cop Sanctioned After Using Chokehold During Altercation

Driver Caught on Video Running Right Over Man in Parking Lot in Reported Road Rage Incident

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