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Sessions Suggests Social Security Employees Can Refuse To Process LGBT Claims (VIDEO)

Jerry Sandusky Denied New Trial on Child Sex Abuse Charges

Sessions Says He Can’t Use Executive Privilege, Then Uses Executive Privilege

White Cheerleaders Investigated After Screaming: ‘F-*k N-**ers’ Over And Over (VIDEO)

Did President Trump Illegally Record a Military Widow? He Might Have.

In Travel Ban Denial, Judge Jabs at Trump, Compares Him to Colin Kaepernick

Gymnast McKayla Maroney Alleges Sexual Abuse by Team Doctor

Lisa Bloom Was Made Aware of Weinstein Allegations At Height of 2016 Election

Fears Grow FBI Using New ‘Black Identity Extremist’ Classification as Guise to Profile

Sandusky to Learn if He’ll Get New Trial or Charges Tossed

Turns Out, the Video Wasn’t the Worst Part of United Passenger Being Dragged

WATCH LIVE: Luis Toledo on Trial for Killing His Wife and Her Children Day 6

Las Vegas Hotel Guard Jesus Campos, Thought Missing, Makes Appearance on Ellen

Horse Trainer Wanted for Snubbing Court Order in Obama Adviser’s $1.7 Mil Lawsuit

Students Stage Walk Out After Teacher Tells Them To ‘Speak American’ (VIDEO)

Charlottesville White Supremacist Wanted for Doxxing Anti-Racist Protester

Sex Offender Sues, Claims He Helped Develop Natalee Holloway Show

Day Before It’s Set to Go into Effect, Judge Screws With Trump Over His Travel Ban Again

‘You Owe Me For Making My Grandmother A Slave’; Disabled Man Attacked On Bus Because He’s Old And White

Just Before Scheduled TV Appearances, Las Vegas Hotel Guard Jesus Campos Goes Missing

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