Couple Caught Having Two Kinds Of Sex At Domino’s Pizza While Employees Watch (VIDEO)

Two Child Care Employees Taunt and Abuse Eight-Year-Old Autistic Child (VIDEO)

Arizona Cop Bodyslams and Injures Autistic Teenager (VIDEO)

Man in Star Wars Mask Robs Donut Shop (VIDEO)

St. Louis Police Mock Protesters, Chant: ‘Whose Streets? Our Streets’ (VIDEO)

Police Trample Elderly Woman During St. Louis Protests (VIDEO)

UPS Workers Save Man From Crowbar Attack In California (WATCH)

Bike Cop Empties Hot Dog Vendor’s Wallet, and His Justification is Ridiculous

Robert E. Lee Statue Removal In Dallas, Texas

Insane Video of Arrested Woman Ditching Handcuffs, Taking Off in Cop Car (WATCH)

Utah Nurse Forcibly Arrested After Refusing To Give Cop Unconscious Man’s Blood (WATCH)

Bus Driver Totally Calm as 5th Grader Headbutts Him, Winds Up for Punch (WATCH)

Four Take Plea Deals in Out-of-Control Fight With Cops (WATCH)

Sick: Texas Woman Apparently Charging $300 to Escape Harvey Flooding

Watch Apparently Homophobic D.C. Officers Make Fun Of Burglary Victim

Trump Supporters Beaten By Anti-Fascists At Berkeley Protests (VIDEO)

Texas Police Department Slammed For Destroying Police Brutality Documentation (VIDEO)

Cop Delights 92-Year-Old Woman with Dance, Video Goes Viral (WATCH)

Prison Guard Stabbed When Inmates Attack (VIDEO)

Roger Stone: Anyone Who Votes for Impeachment ‘Would Be Endangering Their Own Life’

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