Democratic Lawmaker Posts, Deletes ‘I Hope Trump is Assassinated!’

Trump’s Lawyer Has Most Absurd Excuse for For Sending Out Secessionist Email

SCOTUS Justice Gorsuch To Address Conservatives At…Trump International Hotel

There’s Legal Basis For Impeaching Trump Now — But Congress Needs to Get Its Act Together to Do It

In Terrifying Move, DOJ Secures Warrant to Get Info on More Than Million Anti-Trumpers

Trump ‘Seriously Considering’ Arpaio Pardon

Sessions Defends President Trump’s Non-Specific Reaction to White Supremacist Rally (WATCH)

Court Reconsiders Allowing Incitement Case Against Trump To Go Forward

Transgender Service Members Sue President Trump Over Military Ban

Plaintiffs Demand Trump Unblock Them on Twitter So They Can Criticize Him During Lawsuit

How Mueller’s Grand Jury Could Give GOP The Excuse They Need to Impeach

Jeff Sessions Is Already Cracking Down On Leakers

DEA Chief Slams POTUS, Says Trump ‘Condoned Police Misconduct’

Trump Team Catfished by Email Trickster, and It’s Probably Completely Legal

Trump Might Be in Trouble For Witness Tampering, Harvard Law Prof Says

Court Ruling Could Be Big Blow to Twitter-in-Chief Donald Trump

The Latest GOP Request to Sessions is Seriously Stupid (Yes, It Involves Clinton)

Yesterday is Gonna Go Down In History as the Day LGBT Rights Died

WATCH: Looks Like Jeff Sessions Perjured Himself

Trump Jr., Manafort Decide To Skip Out On Publicly Testifying

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