Race relations

Students Stage Walk Out After Teacher Tells Them To ‘Speak American’ (VIDEO)

‘You Are My Slave’; Black Child Ridiculed During Elementary School Civil War Reenactment

Black Parents Sue Over White Teacher’s Hanging Remark

Trump Supporter Vandalizes Muslim City Council Candidate’s Billboard

Dallas City Council Threatened With Violence Over Removal of Confederate Statues

Utah Police Appear to Shoot Unarmed Man in the Back (VIDEO)

Pence’s $200K Tantrum at Yesterday’s Game was Truly Unpatriotic

‘It’s Not Murder if They’re Black’: Man Arrested for Racist Threats Against College Students

West Point Communist Spenser Rapone Under Investigation After These Photos Went Viral

Lawyer: White Officers Terrorized, Then Paralyzed, Black Man

New York City Cop Files Lawsuit After Black Parking Attendant Called Him A ‘N*gger’

Ex-NFL Quarterback Wanted To Give Angry Fans’ Tickets To Veterans; They Burned Them Instead

‘No Evidence’: Las Vegas Cop Who Allegedly Threatened To Kill NFL Star Didn’t Have Body Camera Running

Protesters Raise ‘Stop Killing Us’ Banner At St. Louis Cardinals Game (WATCH)

Judge: Black Lives Matter Can’t Be Sued

St. Louis Cops Under Investigation For Alleged Heavy-Handed Protest Response

Police Director Under Fire for Calling Kneeling Athletes ‘Anti-American Degenerates’

Protesters Banned At Jeff Sessions Lecture On Free Speech

Pennsylvania Fire Chief Calls Steelers Coach A ‘No Good N*gger’

Chicago Cops Reprimanded After Taking A Knee In Support of Kaepernick

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