Roy Moore Accused Of Lying About His Finances For The Third Time

Will Emoluments Lawsuit Against Trump Get Dismissed? It might.

Florida Deploys SWAT Teams To Protect White Supremacist’s Speech

White House Told Court Nominee with Popular Twitter to Behave Himself, Report Says

Trump Promised A Dead Soldier’s Family A Check For $25K. He Apparently Hasn’t Given Them a Cent Yet.

Sessions Suggests Social Security Employees Can Refuse To Process LGBT Claims (VIDEO)

Students Stage Walk Out After Teacher Tells Them To ‘Speak American’ (VIDEO)

Justice John Roberts Relied on Incorrect Data to Gut Voting Rights Act

New California Law Stops Local Participation in ‘Muslim Registry’

Trump Campaign Paid Don Jr.’s Lawyer over $200,000 Dollars

ACLU Is Going to Court Today to Stop DOJ Search Warrants on anti-Trump Protesters

Manhattan DA Who Let Weinstein Off Hook Challenged By ‘First Out Gay Man To Run’ For District Attorney

Trump Supporter Vandalizes Muslim City Council Candidate’s Billboard

Pence’s $200K Tantrum at Yesterday’s Game was Truly Unpatriotic

Shooting Victim Steve Scalise Says 2nd Amendment ‘Predates’ Bill of Rights

Trump’s One-Two Punch Hits Birth Control, LGBT Rights

ABA Legal Fact Check: Laws and Supreme Court Cases Behind Gun Control Debate

Watchdog Group Sues to Learn How Much $ Spent on Mueller Probe

Judge Refuses Trump Request On Voter Fraud Info

FLASHBACK: Obama Administration Signed Off On The Use of Bump Stocks in 2010

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