Trump Administration Supplying Puerto Rico With Water From Toxic Waste Dump

Three Reasons Why GOP’s Offensive 20-Week Abortion Ban is Going to Fail

Students Attempt to End Rule That Makes Them Stand for National Anthem

Students Kicked off High School Football Team for Kneeling

Supreme Court Conservatives on Rise as Important Term Begins

Superintendent Now Forcing Student Athletes to Stand During National Anthem

It’s True, The Government Paid the NFL to Stand For the National Anthem

Cop Sues Village, Says She Was ‘Punished’ for Becoming Pregnant

SCOTUS Asked to Decide Whether First Amendment Protects Sexting With Minors

Will Toledo Lose Its Last Abortion Clinic?

Betsy DeVos Has New Plan to Combat Campus Rape, and It Makes Little Sense

The FBI Has 1,475 Page File on Conservative Site Breitbart

Top New York Court Rules Against Physician-Assisted Suicide

The Charlottesville Rally Was Apparently Planned At Trump International Hotel

The Maricopa County Cavalcade of Horrors: Joe Arpaio’s 10 Greatest Hits

Is It Legal for Trump to Pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio? We Investigate.

If Congress Uses 25th Amendment To Oust Trump, It’ll Be Their Most Spineless Move Yet

Female Inmates Feel Endangered by Trans Women in Prison, Lawsuit Claims

Paul Manafort Was Once Sued by Fmr. Ukrainian Prime Minister for ‘Scheming’ and ‘Money Laundering’

How Mueller’s Grand Jury Could Give GOP The Excuse They Need to Impeach

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