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Sessions Defends President Trump’s Non-Specific Reaction to White Supremacist Rally (WATCH)

Cops Dispute Claim of New Evidence in R. Kelly Investigation

Judge Zeroes in on Key Issue in Palin’s NY Times Lawsuit

NFL Star Ezekiel Elliott Suspended 6 Games After Domestic Violence Investigation

Judge Just Ruled Teachers Should Be Allowed to Sleep with Students

In Desperate Move, Trump Lawyer Challenges Legality of Manafort Raid

Jury Finds Joshua Gaspar Not Guilty of Homicide, Impaired Driving in Trooper Death

52% of Republicans Apparently Don’t Believe in the Constitution

‘He is Vile’: ACLU Lawyer Goes Rogue, Blasts Org’s Decision to Defend Milo

Conservative Sites Pushing Unverified Report That Email Probe Reopened, Clinton Offered Deal

Transgender Service Members Sue President Trump Over Military Ban

Usher Denies Sex Accuser’s Claim, Says She’s Not His Type, Report Says

Tiger Woods to Take Reckless Driving Plea, Enter DUI Program

VERDICT WATCH: Joshua Gaspar, Charged with Killing Officer with Car While Impaired

Kushner Company Fought Obamacare Repeal

Kushner’s Lawyer is Part of the Fight Against Trump Immigration Policies

Apparently President Trump Doesn’t Mind Leaks if Used By Fox News

WATCH LIVE: Closing Arguments in Trial of Joshua Gaspar, Charged with Killing Officer in Car Crash

Rod Wheeler Attorney Cites ‘Fake News’ in Trying to Block Big Fox Deal

Lawsuit Claims Usher Didn’t Tell People He Had Herpes Before Sex

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