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Juanita Broaddrick Wants to Personally Destroy Bill Clinton Statue

White Nationalist Figure ‘Based Stickman’ Charged for Weapon in Berkeley Brawl

Lawmaker Pushes to Classify White Supremacist Groups as Terrorists

‘I Will Not’: Mother of Charlottesville Victim Refuses to Meet with President Trump

Democratic Lawmaker Posts, Deletes ‘I Hope Trump is Assassinated!’

GOP Rep. Calls for Hearing on Effect of White Supremacy in America

Driver Caught on Video Running Right Over Man in Parking Lot in Reported Road Rage Incident

Man Falsely ID’D as Deadly Charlottesville Driver Plans Legal Action After Harassment

Dalia Dippolito to Serve Jail Time During Appeal in Murder-for-Hire Case

Exclusive: Cop Involved in Forced Vaginal Probe of Student Ratted Out Colleagues, Lawyer Says

Harvard Law Prof Dubs Charlottesville Group ‘Treasonous’ Terrorists

‘I Was Staggered By It’: Scott Peterson Discusses Conviction for Laci’s Murder from Death Row

Released Dashcam Video Shows Cop Perform Vaginal Search of Student in Parking Lot (VIDEO)

Toxicology Report Shows Tiger Woods had 5 Drugs in System on Night of Arrest

In Terrifying Move, DOJ Secures Warrant to Get Info on More Than Million Anti-Trumpers

21st Century Fox Paid $50 Million to Settle Harassment, Discrimination Claims

Texas Cops Under Fire After Dashcam Reportedly Shows 11-Minute Search of Woman’s Vaginal Area

Trump ‘Seriously Considering’ Arpaio Pardon

GoDaddy Just Now Decides They Don’t Want Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer‘s Business

Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer was ‘Irreplaceable’ Part of Law Firm

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