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What The Heck? Man Who Runs Firm Behind Trump-Russia Dossier to Plead the Fifth

Trump Throws Out Bombshell Accusation That Comey Tried to Hold Dirt Over His Head

‘Stroke of Bad Luck!’: Twitter Blows Up After Reports OJ Caught Masturbating in Cell

You’ll Never Guess Who Was Actually Behind Those Shady Voter Shaming Mailers

‘Offensive and Asinine’: Christine Quinn Goes Apoplectic Over Column Comparing Russians to Dreamers

The Little Tiny Legal Technicality That Could Save Trump Jr.

New Report Claims Russian Lawyer Actually Did Bring Clinton Dirt Docs to Trump Jr. Meeting

Trump Lawyers Tell Him Not to Tweet About Topic, They Leave, He Tweets About It

‘HOLD THE F***** SHOT’: Emails Reveal Utterly Insane Tirades from Fired Walking Dead Executive Producer

Trump’s Attorney Trolls Joe Scarborough Over Ditching GOP

This Obscure 1990 FEC Opinion May Prove That Trump Jr. Committed a Crime

We Now Have ‘Smoking Gun’ To Nail Trump Jr. on a Crime, Harvard Law Prof Says

‘This is Treason’: Some Legal Experts Say Trump Jr.’s Clinton Dirt/Russia Meeting Was Illegal

Trump Lawyer: Statements Denying Sex Assault Accusations Were ‘Hyperbole’ to Convince Voters

This Trump Supporter Vandalized Elementary School to Apparently Frame Liberals

Older Male Photojournalist Sues CNN for Discrimination

Instagram Shuts Down Rob Kardashian’s Account After Blac Chyna Nude Pic Tirade

Rob Kardashian Could be in Legal Trouble For Posting Nude Pics of Blac Chyna

During Live Fox Interview, AG Sessions Appears to Have Violated His Recusal on Russia Probe

NY Times Rips into President Trump in Brutal (and Uninformative) Hit Piece on His Attorneys

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