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Gorsuch Already Broke His Promise, Proves to Be LGBT Enemy

Here’s Who Wins and Gets Screwed If Justice Kennedy Retires

NC Law: Once Women Start Having Sex, They’re Not Allowed To Stop

Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance Better Be Revoked, and Here’s Why

Trump’s Got a New Lawyer. And He’s in a Band Named After Himself.

Why Megyn Kelly, NBC Deserves to Be Sued For Alex Jones Interview

Trump’s Lawyer Gives White House Aides Terrible Legal Advice — Bar Complaints Come Rolling In

SCOTUS Reconsidering Gun Case in Wake of Alexandria Shooting

AGs and Congressmen are Suing Trump over Emoluments; Here’s What it All Means

SCOTUS Strikes Down Gender Discrimination Against Men, Everyone Wins

What The Heck is Trump’s Personal Lawyer Doing Filing a Complaint With Trump’s Justice Department?

Team Trump’s Plan to Go After Comey Sounds a Lot Like Illegal ‘Retaliation’

Trump’s Next Move: Prosecuting Comey for Perjury?

Sheriff Who Allegedly Directed 900 Students to Be Groped is About to Feel Parents’ Wrath

Bring On the Controversy: Trump Picks Notorious Waterboarding Apologist for Admin Post

Here’s What Could Damage President Trump When James Comey Testifies

Cory Booker Breaks Ranks With Dems on Kushner, Liberals Die A Little Inside

Trump’s New 6th Circuit Judge Doesn’t Look So Bad, But His Road To The Bench Looked Pretty Awful

Betsy DeVos Sinks to New Low in Telling Congress It’s Fine for Schools to Discriminate

Islamic Society Scores Win Against New Jersey Town, Mosque Will Get Built

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