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Wait, What? Hillary Clinton Considers Challenging 2016 Election Results

Rhode Island Announces Plan To Pay For DACA Recipients’ Renewal Fees

University Hosts Dinner for Black Students with Cotton Stalk Centerpieces

St. Louis Police Mock Protesters, Chant: ‘Whose Streets? Our Streets’ (VIDEO)

Michael Flynn Begs For Legal Defense Donations Online

Texas Man Turns Himself In For A Murder That Was Committed In 1962

Anti-Fascist Professor Suspended For Tweeting About Teaching ‘Future Dead Cops’

Police Trample Elderly Woman During St. Louis Protests (VIDEO)

UPS Workers Save Man From Crowbar Attack In California (WATCH)

Facebook Allowed Advertisers To Target ‘Jew Haters’

Motel 6 Locations in Phoenix Were Sharing Guest Lists With ICE

GOP Congressman Would Have Arrested Trump Over ‘Grab ‘Em By The Pussy’ Comments

ICE Conducted Raids At a Brooklyn Courthouse Until The Media Got Involved

Why Sarah Sanders Is Right That Name-Calling Trump Is A ‘Fireable Offense’

New Orleans Cop Charged With Raping Intoxicated Woman

‘Medicare For All’ Co-Sponsors Rake In Campaign Contributions from Insurance, Pharma Companies

DMV Says No to District Attorney’s ‘Hang Em’ License Plate

Alt-Right Commentator Flees United States After Being Outed On Internet

High School Teacher Grades Students As ‘Nerd’ and ‘Fruitcake’

Trump Reportedly Considered Firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller

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