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Airport Worker Caught On Video Rifling Through People’s Belongings (WATCH)

Trump Repeatedly Claims Obamacare No Longer Exists (WATCH)

Trump Mocks Ginsburg and Sotomayor’s Health; Predicts He’ll Replace Them Soon: Report

Trump Said Pence Wants To ‘Hang’ All The Gays

Judge Didn’t Know He Awarded Joint-Custody To Alleged Rapist

Trump Administration Supplying Puerto Rico With Water From Toxic Waste Dump

George Clooney Now Stands Accused Of Silencing A Sexual Assault Victim

‘You Are My Slave’; Black Child Ridiculed During Elementary School Civil War Reenactment

Georgia Cop Busted For Allegedly Attempting To Have Sex With 14-Year-Old

Kansas Teacher Barred From Training Because She Boycotts Israel

Feminist Attorney Lisa Bloom Drops Another Studio Exec Accused of Sexual Harassment

What About The Attorneys Who May Have Helped Enable Harvey Weinstein All These Years?

Conservative Media Making Money Off A Doctored Image Of An Afghan War Veteran

Trump’s Attacks On The First Amendment Don’t Remotely Compare To Bush’s (Or Obama’s)

There is Actually a Federal Law Aimed at Keeping Boy Scouts All Boys

Manhattan DA Who Let Weinstein Off Hook Challenged By ‘First Out Gay Man To Run’ For District Attorney

Day Care Workers Fired After Playing With Penis-Shaped Sex Toy In Front Of Kids (VIDEO)

Bump Stock Manufacturers Slapped With Class Action Lawsuit For Emotional Distress After Vegas Shooting

First Trump’s Kids and Now Weinstein: The Manhattan DA Keeps Letting The Rich And Powerful Walk

Conservative Think Tank: Trump ‘Obstructed Justice’ When He Fired Comey

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