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Oscar Winning Film ‘Manchester By The Sea’ Inspired Real Life Murder of Disabled Boy, DA Says

United CEO Says They Won’t Use Cops Anymore to Remove Overbooked Passengers

VERDICT WATCH: Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial — Day 4

Viral Video May Prove United Misled Feds During 2014 Rule Change Process

Gov. Accountability Office Says It Will Review Trump Transition

Judge Napolitano Now Calls for Jailing ‘Serial Liar’ Susan Rice

Romney’s ‘Binders Full of Women’ From 2012 Campaign Finally Discovered

VERDICT WATCH: Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial — Day 3

Cops’ Side of Story About Viral United Passenger Removal Video Gets Even Weirder

Race Accusations Cause Tempers to Flare Between Defense Lawyers and Judge in Hernandez Case

‘Far Dirtier Hands’: Former Dem Senate Leader Blames His Own Party for Gorsuch Confirmation

VERDICT WATCH: Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial — Day 2

Police Search for ‘Armed and Dangerous’ Man Who Sent 161-Page Threatening Manifesto to Trump

White House Defends Syrian Strike as Legally ‘Justified and Proportional’

WATCH: Irate Passenger Who Falsely Accused Uber Driver of Rape Banned For Life

Trump’s Syria Strike May Get The U.S. in Some Legal Hot Water

VERDICT WATCH: Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial

NYPD Drug Bust Nets Guns, Crack Cocaine and… an Alligator!

Prosecutor Fights Back Against Baez’s Fiery Defense in Closing Arguments

‘He’s Innocent!’: Jose Baez Gives Epic Defense Closing Argument in Aaron Hernandez Trial (WATCH)

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