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Marine Veteran Arrested For Allegedly Killing Two Florida Police Officers Last Night

Anti-Fascists and Anti-Racists Clash With Neo-Nazis In Boston

Duke University Tears Down Statue of Robert E. Lee

PETA to Pay Out Big Bucks After Euthanizing Girl’s Chihuahua

Ex-Treasure Hunter to Present Request to End Ohio Jail Time

Maryland Removes Statue of Pro-Slavery Chief Justice

Man to Answer Charges He Sprayed Manure on Border Patrol Car

Spencer Supporter Vows Legal Challenge to University Barring White Nationalist Group

DJ Says Taking Taylor Swift to Court was Only Option

Lawyers for Wife of Pulse Nightclub Shooter Could Face Sanctions

Teamsters Acquitted in ‘Top Chef’ Extortion Case

Arizona Ordered to Pay Planned Parenthood’s Legal Fees

Deadly Rally Accelerates Removal of Confederate Statues

Jury Takes Taylor Swift’s Side in Groping Lawsuit

VERDICT WATCH: Jurors Weighing Case over Taylor Swift’s Groping Allegation

Lawyers Set to Make Closing Arguments in Taylor Swift Trial

Man Could Face Charge After Giving Nazi Salute, Police Say

Mother of Alleged VA Attacker Says She Thought He Was Going to Trump Rally

Texas Republicans Vote To Restrict Insurance Coverage For Abortion With No Exceptions For Rape Or Incest

Taylor Swift Notches First Legal Victory Against DJ Who Allegedly Groped Her

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