Trump’s Threat to Withhold Federal Funding For ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Apparently Worked

Lawmakers Expand Attorney General Powers to Resist Trump

College Student Suspended for Posting Professor’s Anti-Trump Rant Online (Video)

Alabama’s Sessions Sworn in as Attorney General

Groups Sue to Block Trump’s Order on Government Regulations

Why Donald Trump Will Not Be Impeached

Trump Throws Washington Into State of Anxious Uncertainty

Uber Buying Plane Tickets for Drivers Stranded by Ban

Trump Attacked Obama, But His First Weekend Trip to Mar-a-Lago Could Cost Taxpayers Millions

Can a Senate Filibuster be Used to Stop Judge Gorsuch’s Supreme Court Appointment?

Fired Acting AG Yates Apparently Concluded Trump’s Order Meant to Intentionally Ban Muslims

GOP Forced to Delay Senate Committee Votes on Price, Mnuchin

Who is New Acting Attorney General Dana Boente?

Update: After Controversy, Judicial Branch Returns to WhiteHouse.Gov

Some Republicans Question Trump’s Immigration Order

Lawsuit Filed Against Trump After Refugees Detained at Airports

Advocacy Groups Claim Trump’s Hiring Freeze Hurts His Biggest Supporters Most: Veterans

Government Employees Set-Up ‘Rogue’ Twitter Accounts to Battle Trump, Skirt Legal Lines

White House Spox: Trump Has No Plans to Push to End Filibuster on SCOTUS Nominees

Sorry President Trump, Emoluments Lawsuit Against You Isn’t ‘Totally Without Merit’

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