travel ban

Federal Judge Extends Halt of Trump’s Travel Ban Indefinitely

Trump’s Own Words to CNN Come Back to Bite Him With Travel Ban in Court

Prof. Dershowitz: New Travel Ban Will Prevail at Supreme Court If Trump Stops Talking

Five 9th Circuit Judges Dish Out Ruthless Take Down to Anti-Trump Travel Ban Decision

Federal Judge Blocks Key Portions of New Trump Travel Ban 2.0

Federal Judge Expected to Issue Ruling Before New Trump Travel Ban Takes Effect at Midnight

Federal Judge Sets Hearing Next Week as Hawaii Tries to Block New Trump Travel Ban

Here’s Why Trump’s New Travel Ban Order May Still Fail

WATCH LIVE: Trump Administration Press Conference Regarding New Travel Ban

President Trump Signs New Travel Ban Executive Order

Ninth Circuit Denies DOJ Request to Put Travel Ban Appeal on Hold

Non-Lawyer Stephen Miller Told US Attorney How to Defend Travel Ban, Report Says

Syria’s Assad Defends Trump Travel Ban: ‘It’s Against the Terrorists’

Judge Grants Injunction Against Trump Travel Ban in Virginia

Universities Tell Judge Travel Ban Hurts Schools, Students

States Want Trump Travel Ban Case to Proceed in Lower Court

Trump’s Options for Restoring Travel Ban

Official Sheds Light on Trump’s Next Step on Ban

Trump Promises Action ‘Very Rapidly’ After Travel Ban Halted

REPORT: White House Might Be Rewriting Travel Ban Order

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