‘Good Samaritan’ Murdered While Trying to Get Wedding Band Cleaned, Cops Say

4 Plead Guilty in Theft of Dinosaur Bones From Utah Site

Mom Pleads Not Guilty to Abducting Kids From Dad in 1985

State High School Commission Gives Second Chance to Player Involved in Referee Attack (Video)

VIDEO: Suspect’s Pants Down as He Tries, Fails to Open Safe

‘Clock Boy’ Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed Against Glenn Beck and Several Conservative Groups

Officer Involved in Wild Mother/Daughters Arrest Video Given 10-Day Suspension

Man Arrested for DWI Tried to Hide Cocaine Under His Stomach Fat Roll, Cops Say

Cop Slams Facebook Commenters Who Wrongly Assume Perp is ‘Illegal Immigrant’

Fed. Judge Blocks Obama-Backed Transgender Hospital Patient Protections Rules

Teen Suicides Might Lead to Stronger Cyberbullying Law

Obama Admin Files Appeal After Judge Blocks Overtime Pay Policy

Golfer Accused of Hitting Fellow Player Over the Head With a Club After Dispute

Johnny Manziel Sued for Allegedly Assaulting Bar Employee Who Refused to Serve Him

Bill Could Force Schools to out Transgender Kids to Abusive Parents, Critics Say

FaceTime Chat Interrupted By Terrifying Home Invasion and Armed Robbery (Video)

Police Say Drunk Texas A&M Student Crashed Into Cop Car While Taking Topless Selfie

‘Ain’t Nobody Got Time for This … For Real,’ 911 Operator Accused of Hanging Up on Callers

Convict Says He Got Death Penalty Because His Own Expert Claimed Black People More Likely to Be Dangerous

States File Last Minute Lawsuit to Block Transfer of U.S. Internet Control

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