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SCOTUS Says Religious School Can Use Taxpayer Funds For Playground (Why That’s Good)

Who’s Banned From U.S. Following SCOTUS’ Trump Travel Ban Opinion?

Justice Kennedy Makes ‘Announcement’ at Law Clerk Reunion

SCOTUS Declines to Hear Gun Case, Leaves in Place Concealed-Carry Restriction

Travel Ban, Church-State Case Await Action By Supreme Court

Supreme Court Limits Ability to Strip Citizenship

Supreme Court: 9/11 Detainees Can’t Sue Top US Officials

SCOTUS Reconsidering Gun Case in Wake of Alexandria Shooting

Supreme Court Gets Ready to Look at Travel Ban Case

SCOTUS Strikes Down Gender Discrimination Against Men, Everyone Wins

Supreme Court Agrees To Hear First Case On Cellular Location Data

Justices Affirm Ruling Striking NC Legislative Districts

Trump Asks Supreme Court to Reinstate Travel Ban

SCOTUS Unanimously Decides Mexican Immigrant Should Not Be Deported After Statutory Rape Plea

Supreme Court Upholds Decision Closing Loophole for ‘Soft Money’ Political Donations

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Voter ID Law Case, Ruling Against It Stands

Senator Claims Another Supreme Court Seat Could Be Opening Up Sooner Than We Think

High Court Could Soon Signal View on Trump Immigration Plans

Appeal in Boy’s Burp Arrest Case Relies on Gorsuch Dissent

Hello? Justice Stephen Breyer’s Cellphone Rings in Court

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