supreme court

Merrick Garland Quietly Returns to Bench as Chief Judge of D.C. Circuit Court

During Hearing, Justice Sotomayor Asks What If You Tried To Trademark ‘Trump is a Thief’?

Days Before Trump Inauguration, Deportation Case Goes Before Supreme Court

SCOTUS Sides With Officer Who Shot and Killed Man Without Warning

Rep. King Pushes (Likely Unconstitutional) Bill to Prevent Supreme Court from Citing Their Own ObamaCare Decisions

7 Ways You Might Not Realize SCOTUS Could Affect You in 2017

Trump Press Secretary: No Timeline on SCOTUS Nominee

Next Year’s Holiday Shopping May Be Affected By SCOTUS Ruling

Lawyer Goes for Last-Ditch Effort to Force Merrick Garland Vote

Time for League to Pay Up! Supreme Court Ends NFL’s Fight Over Concussion Lawsuit

What’s a Little Insider Trading Between Friends? Jail Time, SCOTUS Says

Sen. Schumer’s Threat to Filibuster Trump SCOTUS Pick May Trigger ‘Nuclear Option’

Fantasy Sports Goes Legal! New Site Lets You Predict Supreme Court Decisions

SCOTUS Needs to Correct All Kinds of Crazy in Voter Intimidation Case Against Trump

Supreme Court Hears Case of Girl Whose Service Dog was Banned From Class

Lawyer Claims She Was Groped By Clarence Thomas During 1999 Party

GOP Totally Ignores Clarence Thomas After He Jabs Them For Stalling SCOTUS Confirmation

Ted Cruz Hints a GOP Controlled Senate Will Block Any Clinton SCOTUS Nominee

5 Things Trump, Clinton and Chris Wallace Got Wrong About SCOTUS at Debate

Trump Says Roe v. Wade Will Be Overturned if He’s President

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