Student Sues UC Berkeley for $23 Million After Allegedly Being Pepper Sprayed During Campus Riot

Shoving Match Breaks Out on House Floor During ‘Sanctuary City’ Bill Protest

Protesters Chant ‘Russia Is Our Friend’ During Pro-Confederate Statue Rally (WATCH)

School District Suddenly Closed on Same Day as ‘A Day Without a Woman’ Protest

KKK Protesting After Couple Sentenced for Threatening Black Child’s Birthday Party

Business Owner: Fired Employees Warned They Would ‘Pay a Price’ for Participating in ‘Day Without Immigrants’

Shia LaBeouf’s ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ Exhibit Shut Down Due to Violence

College GOP Group Accuses Professor of Attacking One of Its Members During Public Rally

VIDEO: Casey Anthony (Yes, That Casey Anthony) Shows Up at Anti-Trump Rally

WATCH: Out of Control ‘Professor’ Screams at Cops for Keeping Mob Away From ‘Nazi’ Gavin McInnes

Shia LaBeouf Arrested After Allegedly Hitting Man Who Made ‘Hitler’ Comment at Trump Protest

Protesters Throw Rocks, Cops Throw Smoke Bombs Following Donald Trump Inauguration

Report: Protesters Attempting to Block Access to Inauguration Day Security Checkpoints

Know Your Rights: What You Can — and Can’t — Do During a Protest

Lawyers Will Give Free Legal Help to Protesters Arrested at Trump Inauguration

Protesters Escorted Out of Congress Joint Session as Biden Officially Declares Trump Victory

NAACP Pres Says Sit-In Arrests May Lead to More Civil Disobedience

WATCH: Police Chase Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Climbing Rafters at Vikings Game

Only Fraction of More Than 100 Arrested for Protesting Trump Actually Voted

Protests, Fires Sparked Across Country in Wake of Trump Victory

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