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DOJ Drops Case Against North Carolina Over Transgender Bathroom Law

Trump Administration May Soon Take Clinton’s Side in Email Lawsuits

‘Do You Prefer Ma’am Or Sir?’: Feds Release Video on How Cops Should Treat Transgender People

Trump Campaign Starts Petition Calling for DOJ Investigation of Clinton Foundation

DOJ Report: Besides Racial Bias, Baltimore Police Showed ‘Little, if Any, Effort’ in Sex Crime Cases

Justice Dept Says Lawyers Need More Ethics Training

DOJ to Settle With HSBC Over Repossession of Servicemembers’ Cars

Defense Contractor Employee Charged With Espionage After Allegedly Selling Secrets to Undercover Agent

Feds Say North Carolina Bathroom Law Violates Civil Rights Act

DOJ Announces Indictment of Iranian Government Hackers for Hitting U.S. Banks

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Case About Colorado’s Pot Legalization

Justice Department To Sue City of Ferguson Over Policing

Trump is Wrong, Hillary Clinton Shouldn’t Be Charged Based on What We Know Now

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