Jeff Sessions

On Heels of Travel Ban Hearing, GOP Lawmakers Push Bill to Split Up 9th ‘Circus’ Court

Alabama’s Sessions Sworn in as Attorney General

Trump Team Boasts Sessions Fight Against Black Democrats Allegedly Stealing Votes

Schumer: ‘I Will Oppose’ Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

WATCH LIVE: Jeff Sessions Attorney General Confirmation Hearing Day 2

Senator Leahy Basically Just Asked Jeff Sessions if He Would Prosecute Presidential Pussy Grab

Sessions Gets it Really Wrong, Calls Roe v. Wade Unconstitutional

He’s a ‘Real Danger to Our Country’: Cory Booker to Testify Against Sessions at Hearing

WATCH LIVE: Jeff Sessions Attorney General Confirmation Hearing

Civil Rights Attorney Claimed Jeff Sessions Wanted to Ignore KKK-Lynching Case

Trump Administration May Soon Take Clinton’s Side in Email Lawsuits

1,330 Law School Professors Want Congress to Force Sen. Jeff Sessions to Take a Hike

NAACP Sit-In Protest of Sen. Jeff Sessions Ends with Arrests

NAACP Occupies Jeff Sessions’ Office to Stop Him From Becoming Attorney General

The Trump DOJ’s First Big Target Could Be Planned Parenthood

Trump’s AG Pick Jeff Sessions Once Claimed It Was Illegal for LGBT Group to Meet

Sessions’ Fmr Counsel: Racism Allegations ‘False’ and ‘Discredited’

MSNBC Guest: Jeff Sessions Would ‘Start Bringing Civil Rights Cases on Behalf of White People’

Trump’s New AG Jeff Sessions Called NAACP ‘Un-American’ for ‘Forcing Civil Rights’

Potential AG Pick Called NAACP ‘Un-American’ for ‘Forcing Civil Rights’

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