Jeff Sessions

Now That Jeff Sessions is Under Legal Scrutiny, It’s Time To Start Seizing His Assets

WATCH: Looks Like Jeff Sessions Perjured Himself

Trump Jr., Manafort Decide To Skip Out On Publicly Testifying

SCOTUS Gives Hawaii Until Tomorrow To Respond To Trump Admin

Trump Administration, Angry over Diluted Travel Ban, Appeals Again to Supreme Court

Conviction Overturned For Woman Who Laughed During Sessions Hearing

Sessions’ ‘Religious Freedom’ Guidelines Are Coming Soon

Why The Heck Was Jeff Sessions Hanging Out With This Group?

That Russian Attorney Might Just Be Part of Why Trump Fired Preet Bharara

During Live Fox Interview, AG Sessions Appears to Have Violated His Recusal on Russia Probe

Trump Believes He Has Legal Authority To Fire Robert Mueller (And He Probably Does)

President Trump You Still Have to Actually Invoke Executive Privilege to Prevent Sessions From Answering Questions

Despite What Jeff Sessions Says, Comey Firing Could Pose Recusal Problem

Sessions Could Try to Use Executive Privilege at Senate Hearing, But It Sure Won’t Be Easy

Sessions Will Stay Quiet About Talks with Trump, Invoke Executive Privilege, Report Says

Senate to Hear from Comey; Dems Raise New Questions About Sessions

Congress Looking at Whether Sessions Had Private Meeting with Russian Ambassador, Report Says

Carl Bernstein: Jeff Sessions May Already be ‘Looked at’ in Russia Probe

Sessions’ Disastrous New ‘Tough on Crime’ Policy Could Do Far More Harm Than Good

‘Dumb on Crime’: Fmr AG Eric Holder Slams Jeff Sessions’ New Prosecution Policy

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