Jeff Sessions

Carl Bernstein: Jeff Sessions May Already be ‘Looked at’ in Russia Probe

Sessions’ Disastrous New ‘Tough on Crime’ Policy Could Do Far More Harm Than Good

‘Dumb on Crime’: Fmr AG Eric Holder Slams Jeff Sessions’ New Prosecution Policy

FBI Director James Comey Fired

People Are Horrified Woman Who Laughed During Sessions’ Hearing Could Go to Prison

‘We’ll See’: Sessions on Whether DREAMers Will Be Deported

AG Sessions Threat to Withhold Funds to Sanctuary Cities is Likely Illegal– But It May Work

‘Such Policies Cannot Continue’: AG Sessions Threatens to Pull Funds From Sanctuary Cities

Sorry, Fox Fans, Firing Preet Bharara Isn’t ‘Phony Scandal’

Jeff Sessions Fires 46 Remaining Obama Appointed U.S. Attorneys

ACLU Slams Sessions with Bar Complaint for Alleged False Russia Statements

Dan Abrams Compares Indicting Jeff Sessions To Hillary Clinton, ‘Nearly Impossible’

With Sessions Recusal, Fmr Obama Appointee May Decide Special Prosecutor for Trump-Russia Ties

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Literally Contradicts Trump Within Hours About Recusal Issue

Well, Jeff Sessions Certainly Used to Take Perjury Seriously

ACLU Calls for Perjury Investigation of Attorney General Sessions

‘Good Way to Go to Jail’: Calls Mount for Perjury Investigation into Sessions

On Heels of Travel Ban Hearing, GOP Lawmakers Push Bill to Split Up 9th ‘Circus’ Court

Alabama’s Sessions Sworn in as Attorney General

Trump Team Boasts Sessions Fight Against Black Democrats Allegedly Stealing Votes

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