James Comey

Mueller, Rosenstein May Have to Recuse Themselves in Trump Investigation, Prof Says

President Trump Says He’s Being Investigated for Comey Firing in Confusing Tweet

CNN Sues FBI for Comey Memos

Despite What Jeff Sessions Says, Comey Firing Could Pose Recusal Problem

Comey Firing Could be Part of Special Counsel Investigation, Rosenstein Says

Law Professor: Accept it, Comey is a Leaker

Dem Senator Calls for Investigation into Loretta Lynch After Comey Testimony

Special Counsel Mueller Must Recuse from Comey Part of Inquiry

Team Trump’s Plan to Go After Comey Sounds a Lot Like Illegal ‘Retaliation’

Trump’s Reported Comey Complaint Wades into Uncharted Legal Waters

Trump Attorney Reportedly to File Complaint Against Comey Leak, but on What Grounds?

Dan Abrams: Trump ‘Obligated’ to Prosecute if He Believes Comey Lied Under Oath

James Comey Admitted to Leaking Trump Memo; That Could Be a Problem

Top Ten Bombshells From The Comey Testimony

Trump’s Next Move: Prosecuting Comey for Perjury?

Comey Says Loretta Lynch Told Him Not to Call Clinton Email Matter an ‘Investigation’

Andrew McCabe Appears to Have No Legal Basis for Refusing to Discuss Comey Conversations

DNI Coats ‘Not Sure’ He Has Legal Basis For Dodging Questions.. Does it Anyway

Dan Abrams: Trump has ‘Very Weak Legal Argument’ for Blocking Comey Testimony With Executive Privilege

Can Trump Stop Comey from Testifying?

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