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Napolitano Claimed Trump Put Him on Supreme Court Shortlist, Report Says

It’s Time for Fox News to Let Judge Napolitano Go

Sorry, Fox Fans, Firing Preet Bharara Isn’t ‘Phony Scandal’

Fired U.S. Attorney Was Probing if Fox News Illegally Obtained Journalists’ Phone Records, Report Says

REPORT: Pundit Settles With Fox News After Claims Executive Tried to Force Oral Sex

Federal Authorities May Be Investigating Fox News for Violating Law

Exclusive: Fox News Settled With Fmr. Anchor Who Claimed Bill O’Reilly and Fox President Sexually Harassed Her

It’s Actually on the Decline: Fox News Issues Correction to Food Stamp Fraud Story

I’m Not a Pedophile: Fox News Sued for $10 Million After Publishing Article Under ‘Sex Crimes’

Leaked Excerpts of Megyn Kelly’s Book Appear to Detail Alleged Harassment By Roger Ailes

Fox News Takes Swipe at Andrea Tantaros, Says She Wants Public Lawsuit to ‘Hawk Her Book’

Fox’s Judge Napolitano Just Flat Out Accused FBI of Corruption

Mediator Assigned After Makeup Artists at Fox News Claim They Were Made to Watch Sexual Video

Legal Experts Shocked by Fox’s $20 Million Settlement With Gretchen Carlson

After Abrupt Exit From Fox News, Greta’s Husband Hints at Legal Action

Gretchen Carlson, Fox to Settle for $20 Million, Report Says

Media Matters Threatens Legal Action After Report That Ailes, Fox ‘Illegally’ Hacked Journalists

Internet Trolls Irate After Fox’s Shep Smith is Honest About Voter ID Laws

New Legal Filing Just Exposed Big Holes in Andrea Tantaros’ Claims

Fox News Keeps Promoting One of Their Biggest Legal Risks

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