‘We’ll See Them in Court’: Group Responds to White House’s Refusal to Release Visitor Logs

USA Today Reporter Files Lawsuit for FBI Trump Surveillance Records

Lawsuit Seeks to Force DOJ to Release Documents About Meeting Between Clinton and Lynch

Obama Administration Racked Up Record $36 Million in Legal Fees Fighting FOIA Releases

Lawsuit Reveals Top Officials at Obama’s DHS Also Used Personal Emails For Sensitive State Business

Is the FBI Really Going Back to the Fax Machine for FOIA Requests?

FBI Dumps Another 300 Clinton Email Investigation Documents Without Warning

FBI Ordered to Unseal Warrant Used to Get Clinton Emails During Weiner Probe

Lawsuit Seeks to Find Evidence Trump Influenced Comey in Email Investigation

Records Show 2015 Obama Family Vacation to Hawaii Cost Taxpayers Over $4.8 Million

Someone Is Impersonating the Defense to Get Evidence From the ‘Making a Murder’ Case

New State Dept. Emails Show Hillary Clinton Forwarded Classified Information to Chelsea

Judicial Watch Asks Judge to Force Clinton to Provide More Details About Email Server

Clinton State Department IT Director Takes the Fifth 87 Times

Newly Released FOIA Emails Call Into Question Clinton’s Sworn Testimony

Hillary Clinton Finally Answers Email Questions Under Oath, ‘Cannot Recall’ Majority of Details

Clinton Campaign Manager Dodges Question About ‘Hillary Cover-Up’ Note In FBI Docs

Media Sues FBI for Details of San Bernarndino iPhone Hack

FBI: Gen. Petraeus Crossed Out ‘Classified’ Mark On Hillary Clinton Meeting Document

New Emails Appear to Show Clinton Foundation Donors Called In Favors to State Dept

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