First Amendment

Secret Service Investigating High School Yearbook Quote About Beheading Trump

Student Suspended for ‘Liking’ Instagram Post of Gun

Reince Priebus: White House Has ‘Looked at’ Changing Libel Laws

College Republicans Threaten to Sue University over Cancelled Ann Coulter Visit

Howard Dean Doesn’t Get That First Amendment Protects Ann Coulter’s ‘Hate Speech’

Trump’s Lawyers Prove They Have No Idea How the First Amendment Works

University Says It Was Mistake to Tell Student He Couldn’t Post ‘Trump/Pence’ Sign

Trump Claims Immunity as President from Protesters’ Lawsuit

Trump Promises to Tear Down Barrier Between Politics and Churches in Tax Bill

Judge to Trump: No Protection for Speech Inciting Violence

President Donald Trump Wants to Change the Libel Laws (Again), Except He Can’t

‘Then What Does the First Amendment Mean?’ Dan Abrams Knocks White House Claim That Tax Release is Illegal

Bill Would Require Automatic Blocking of Child Pornography—and Legal Porn, Too

Several Liberal Journalists Apparently Want IRS Employees to Commit Felonies to Get Trump’s Taxes

Trump’s Ban of Reporters at Press Briefing Isn’t Just Wrong, It’s Unconstitutional

WATCH: Deputy Caught on Camera Threatening to ‘Create Something’ to Justify Arresting Man

Newt Calls for Madonna’s Arrest, But Con Law Expert Says She Didn’t Do Anything Illegal

Student Arrested While Handing Out Constitution Sues College

During Hearing, Justice Sotomayor Asks What If You Tried To Trademark ‘Trump is a Thief’?

Would-Be Marriage Counselor Wins Lawsuit After He Refused to Work with Same-Sex Couples

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