First Amendment

WATCH: Deputy Caught on Camera Threatening to ‘Create Something’ to Justify Arresting Man

Newt Calls for Madonna’s Arrest, But Con Law Expert Says She Didn’t Do Anything Illegal

Student Arrested While Handing Out Constitution Sues College

During Hearing, Justice Sotomayor Asks What If You Tried To Trademark ‘Trump is a Thief’?

Would-Be Marriage Counselor Wins Lawsuit After He Refused to Work with Same-Sex Couples

Flag-Burning Arrest Turns Into Lawsuit Against Police

‘God Bless the Shooter’: Man Taunts Deputies With Sign Supporting Suspected Cop Killer

School District Suspends Bible Study After Complaints About Inducing Kids With Free Donuts

Judge Dismisses $4 Million Lawsuit Filed by Pundit Who Trump Called ‘Real Dummy’

Coach in Trouble After He Kneeled with Praying Students

Videographers Sue State Because They Don’t Want to Film Gay Weddings

Secret Service Advertised as ‘New Amenity’ at Trump Tower– Is That Even Legal?

Suspension Upheld for Teacher Who Stepped on U.S. Flag During SCOTUS Lesson

Sore Winner? Why Congressman Issa Is Not Going to Win Libel Lawsuit Against His Opponent

Democratic Senator Threatens to ‘Beat the Hell’ Out of Anyone Who Burns Flag in Front of Him

This Tweet Proves Trump is Constitutionally Clueless

Trump Appears to Change Stance on ‘Opening Up’ Libel Laws

Mississippi Mayor Completely Misses the Point of Provocative Billboard

Judge Tells New Citizens They Should Leave U.S. If They Don’t Like Trump

Man Charged with Pledging to ISIS Uses First Amendment Defense

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