Sanders Says Fraud Investigation into Wife Won’t Be ‘Distraction’

Trump’s Nominee For FBI Director Scrubs Law Firm Bio of Russia Reference

CNN Sues FBI for Comey Memos

Comey Says Loretta Lynch Told Him Not to Call Clinton Email Matter an ‘Investigation’

DNI Coats ‘Not Sure’ He Has Legal Basis For Dodging Questions.. Does it Anyway

Disability Attorney Who Bilked $600M from Gov’t Disappears

If Comey Testifies Trump ‘Pressured’ Him to End Russia Investigation, Legally, Is That Obstruction of Justice?

Can the President Be Indicted While in Office? Here’s Why it Could Happen

Special Prosecutor Might be the Best Thing for Trump

Deputy AG Rosenstein to Discuss Comey Firing Before Senate

Trump Considering Numerous Candidates for FBI Director

‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors’: Harvard Prof Says Comey Firing Could Be Grounds for Impeachment

Can President Trump Legally Fire FBI Director James Comey?

FBI Clarifies Comey’s Testimony Regarding Abedin Emails

‘I Would Make the Same Decision’: FBI Director Comey Defends Clinton Announcement in Days Before Election

WATCH LIVE: FBI Director James Comey Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Committee

Police Search for ‘Armed and Dangerous’ Man Who Sent 161-Page Threatening Manifesto to Trump

Report: Obama Admin Stopped Comey From Going Public With Trump/Russia Probe

Fmr. DHS Official Claims Michael Flynn May Have Deal With FBI

FBI Director Comey Says ‘No Information’ Supporting Trump’s Obama Wiretapping Claims

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