Clinton Apparently Still Has Security Clearance, State Department Now Investigating

FBI Dumps Another 300 Clinton Email Investigation Documents Without Warning

GOP Congressman’s Tweet Suggests Election Hacks Were Actually ‘Insider Leaks’

Clinton Spox Brian Fallon Goes on Tweetstorm Blasting FBI After Warrant is Released

Clinton Blames Comey for Stopping Election Momentum

The Full Exchange Between Clinton/Powell About Using Private Emails

7 Most Important Takeaways From Hillary Clinton’s FBI Interview

Settle Down, Donald Trump Didn’t Commit Espionage By Hoping Russia Finds Hillary’s Emails

Leaks Show DNC Asked White House to Reward Donors With Slots on Boards and Commissions

Wasserman-Schultz’s Opponent to File Complaint Accusing Her of Using DNC Resources for Reelection

Former CIA Interrogation Expert Finds Clinton ‘Willfully Engaging in Deception’ About Emails

75 Years to Produce Clinton Emails? RNC’s Response to State Dept. is Pretty Epic

If He’s Elected, Trump Promises to Send Attorney General After Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s Emails Are a Threat to Life as We Know it

Hillary Clinton’s Spin on Email Audit Totally Contradicts the Legal Record

Everyone is Missing the Most Troubling Part About Hillary Clinton Email Audit!

Fmr. DOJ FOIA Director on Clinton Aide’s Missing Emails: ‘It Stinks to High Heavens’

WH Spokesperson Backpedals on Whether Clinton is Target of Email Investigation

Why The Immunity Deal Could Spell Legal Trouble for Hillary Clinton

Trump is Wrong, Hillary Clinton Shouldn’t Be Charged Based on What We Know Now

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