Woman Demanded Drugs Back After Her Release, Police Say

Texas Judge Accused Of Using Drugs, Sexting Her Bailiff and Hiring Prostitutes

Grandfather Sentenced to 60 Years in Prison for Death of Two-Year-Old

Innocent Man Released From Jail After Drywall Was Mistaken For Cocaine

‘More Egregious Than Brock Turner’: DA Furious After Judge Gives Probation to Man Who Raped Teen Sister

‘Dumb on Crime’: Fmr AG Eric Holder Slams Jeff Sessions’ New Prosecution Policy

NYPD Drug Bust Nets Guns, Crack Cocaine and… an Alligator!

Man Caught With $164k Worth of ‘Cocaine Busting Out’ of Tightly Fitting Pants at JFK

Ravens Safety Elam Arrested on Marijuana, Drug Charges

Judge Orders Drug-Addicted Mother of 4 to Not Get Pregnant Again

Cop Disciplined After Not Knowing Difference Between Doughnut Glaze and Meth

Police Say Huge Patriots Fan Wanted on Drug Charges, But Find Out He May Be Dead

Feds Claim ‘El Chapo’ Made $14 Billion Smuggling Drugs into United States

Whoops! Man Allegedly Texts Deputy in Failed Attempt to Score Meth

Man Says Deputies Mistook Cat Litter for ‘Meth’

Casey Anthony’s Attorney Busted for Alleged Drug Conspiracy

Drug Dealer Crashed Car at ‘Crack Is Wack’ Playground, Police Say

Police Find 563-Yard Tunnel From Mexico Towards U.S. Border

Doctors, Justice System at Odds Over Pregnant Drug Addict

Theater Student Arrested in Huge Drug Bust

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