Feds Claim ‘El Chapo’ Made $14 Billion Smuggling Drugs into United States

Whoops! Man Allegedly Texts Deputy in Failed Attempt to Score Meth

Man Says Deputies Mistook Cat Litter for ‘Meth’

Casey Anthony’s Attorney Busted for Alleged Drug Conspiracy

Drug Dealer Crashed Car at ‘Crack Is Wack’ Playground, Police Say

Police Find 563-Yard Tunnel From Mexico Towards U.S. Border

Doctors, Justice System at Odds Over Pregnant Drug Addict

Theater Student Arrested in Huge Drug Bust

Court Says Cops Can’t Profile Driver Just Because of His Colorado Plates

Mislabeled Pills May Shed Light on Prince Overdose, Report Says

El Chapo’s Son Kidnapped by New, Powerful Cartel

Mayor Plans to Resign After Arrest For Allegedly Attempting to Trade Meth For Group Sex

Parents Allegedly Use Baby to Smuggle Meth Across Border

Democrat Mayor Arrested for Allegedly Attempting to Trade Meth for Group Sex

Manziel Lawyer sends ‘Heaven Help Us’ Text to Reporter, Immediately Resigns

Sanders Delegate Asked to Resign After He Was Charged With Nine Drug-Related Offenses

’El Chapo’ Guzman Legal Team Reportedly at Odds Over Extradition to United States

Contestants: ‘The Biggest Loser’ Encouraged Illegal Drug Use for Weight Loss

Dr. Conrad Murray Says Prince’s Doctor ‘Needs an Attorney and a Good One’

Report: DEA Raids Prince’s Paisley Park Compound Looking for Prescription Drugs

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