Donald Trump

Trump Attacks Planned Parenthood With Utterly Uninformed Resolution

Trump Claims Immunity as President from Protesters’ Lawsuit

Preet Bharara Throws Shade at Donald Trump over Decision to Hide White House Visitor Logs

‘We’ll See Them in Court’: Group Responds to White House’s Refusal to Release Visitor Logs

Trump Promises to Tear Down Barrier Between Politics and Churches in Tax Bill

Man Accused of Writing 161-Page Trump Manifesto Arrested

Judge Orders Trump to Pay $300K for Stiffing Paint Company on Golf Resort Renovation

Harvard Law Prof Says Trump Is a Lot More Impeachable Than We Think

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club Cited for 13 Health Violations

Carter Page Dodges Pretty Much Every Question During Interview About FISA Warrant

Watchdog Claims They Have Evidence Bannon Was Illegally Paid as Trump’s Campaign Chair

Melania Trump Settles Defamation Lawsuit With Daily Mail Over Escort Story

Gov. Accountability Office Says It Will Review Trump Transition

Groups Sue After Trump Admin Wouldn’t Release White House Visitor Logs

Trump Mar-a-Lago Travels Cost About as Much in 10 Weeks as Obama in 2 Years, Report Says

Dem. Rep. Says Trump’s Syria Missile Strike Was Unconstitutional

Sounds Like Trump Literally Stole His Legal Justification for Syria Attack… From Obama

Why Justice Gorsuch Would Find Trump’s Syria Strikes Unconstitutional

Police Search for ‘Armed and Dangerous’ Man Who Sent 161-Page Threatening Manifesto to Trump

White House Defends Syrian Strike as Legally ‘Justified and Proportional’

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