Donald Trump

Despite Legal Concerns, Poll Shows Most Americans Don’t Think Trump Should Sell Businesses

Anti-Trumpers’ Most Futile Effort Yet to Stop Trump from Being Sworn In

Trump Met with Anti-Abortion Judge for Supreme Court Seat, Report Says

Chaffetz: We Won’t Go on ‘Fishing Trip’ for Trump’s Conflicts-of-Interest

Trump Might Have Case for Suing Buzzfeed Over Publishing ‘Unverified’ Dossier

Did Trump Just Hint He Wants to Sue British Spy Who Wrote Unverified Dossier?

Money Where Their Mouths Are? Find Out Which Celebrities Actually Donated to Candidates

Trump Team Boasts Sessions Fight Against Black Democrats Allegedly Stealing Votes

FEC is After Trump Big Time for Anonymous Donations, Inflating #’s, Other Violations

It Fails!: Government Ethics Chief Slams Trump’s Conflict of Interest Plan

Law Firm Representing Trump Rated ‘Russia Law Firm of the Year’

Trump’s Conflict-of-Interest Attorney Used to Be Hillary Clinton Supporter

Fmr White House Lawyers: Trump Guaranteed to Violate Emoluments Clause When He Takes Office

‘These People are Wrong!’: Trump Is NOT Violating Constitution’s Emoluments Clause, Lawyer Says

Thanks to the Clintons, It’s Perfectly Legal for Jared Kushner to be Senior White House Advisor

Dems Introduce Bill That’d Block ‘Muslim Registry’

Trump Administration May Soon Take Clinton’s Side in Email Lawsuits

New Report Claims At Least 50 Trump Voters in Electoral College Were Illegally Seated

Trump’s Plan for Wall has Taxpayers Footing the Bill, Claims Mexico Will Reimburse

NAACP Pres Says Sit-In Arrests May Lead to More Civil Disobedience

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