Donald Trump

House GOP Pulls Obamacare Replacement Bill Before Vote

Trump’s Big Mouth May Have Overshadowed Legally Questionable Conduct by Obama Admin

Feds: Trump DC Hotel Not in Violation of Government Lease After All

GOP Rep. Nunes May Have Just Broken Law Himself By Disclosing Trump ‘Monitoring’ Info

Gorsuch Just Confirmed That Trump Totally Made Up Stuff Again

Senator Ted Cruz Definitely Has Huge Man Crush on Neil Gorsuch

‘He’s an Outstanding Judge’: Gorsuch on Obama’s SCOTUS Pick Merrick Garland

Next Words Director Comey May Hear From President Trump? ‘You’re Fired!’

FBI Director Comey Says ‘No Information’ Supporting Trump’s Obama Wiretapping Claims

Comey Confirms FBI Investigation of Trump’s Links with Russia

Trump Sued over the Real Amount of His Personal Debts

Congressman Says Real Harm of Russian Interference Was to Drive Wedge Between White House, Intel Community

Trump Plans to Make Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Head of DOJ Civil Division, Report Says

Report: DOJ Brings Congress Documents on Trump Wiretap Claims

Fired U.S. Attorney Bharara Was Investigating HHS Sec Tom Price

Report: Trump’s Legal Team Considering Lawsuit Against MSNBC Over Release of Tax Returns

Legal Expert: Obama Now Has Strong Case for Libel Lawsuit Against Trump Over Wiretap Claim

James Woods Sued Over Tweet Wrongly Identifying Woman Pictured Giving Nazi Salute at Trump Rally

Trump’s Own Words to CNN Come Back to Bite Him With Travel Ban in Court

Prof. Dershowitz: New Travel Ban Will Prevail at Supreme Court If Trump Stops Talking

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