Donald Trump

The Glaring Error in Fourth Circuit’s Travel Ban Decision

Fourth Circuit Rules Against Travel Ban 2.0, Upholds Nationwide Block

Senate Goes After Flynn’s Businesses After He Snubs Subpoena

Law Professor: Congress Could Still Get Past Flynn’s Fifth Amendment Claim Without Granting Immunity

Trump’s Saudi Arabia Speech Could Help His Travel Ban Win in Court

Trump Finalizing Outside Legal Team for Russia Investigation, Report Says

Santorum: Trump’s Saudi Arabia Speech Will Help Travel Ban Win in Court

White House Lawyers Researching Impeachment Procedures, Report Says

Secret Service Investigating High School Yearbook Quote About Beheading Trump

Current White House Official Is Person of Interest in Russia Probe, Report Says

Carl Bernstein: Jeff Sessions May Already be ‘Looked at’ in Russia Probe

BuzzFeed Sues Trump Admin for Obama Wiretap Claim Records

Trump Team Knew About Federal Investigation into Flynn Before Inauguration, Report Says

Impeachment: A Primer on How a President Can Be Removed From Office

Hold On, Prof Says, Times Report Doesn’t Make Out Obstruction of Justice

‘There’s a Lot Here That’s Really Scary’: GOP Senator Wants to See Comey’s Notes

Special Prosecutor Might be the Best Thing for Trump

That Time President Obama Apparently Disclosed Classified Intel Information

President Trump Asked James Comey to End Michael Flynn Investigation, Report Says

‘Bad Idea’: Ken Starr Opposes Having Special Prosecutor for Russia Probe

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