Donald Trump

FBI’s Refusal to Comment on Trump/Russian Ties is Non-Story. Here’s What is Really Alarming.

Trump Lawyer Agreed to Deliver Pro-Russia Proposal, Ukrainian Official Claims

Fmr Obama Lawyers Band Together With New Group to Fight Trump

Trump Administration Withdraws Obama Protections For Transgender Students

Democratic Governor Tells Cops Not to Obey Trump Immigration Policy

Yes, ‘Illegal Immigrants’ Do Have Constitutional Rights Even Under Trump’s New Immigration Plan

Millions Targeted for Possible Deportation Under Trump rules

Trump Supporter Takes His Support For Travel Ban to Court, Lashes Out at Washington AG

Trump Will Do Away With Obama Transgender Student Guidelines, Report Says

Court Rules Ukrainian Billionaire With Ties to Paul Manafort Can Be Extradited to United States

Supreme Court Going to Hear Really Important Case on Whether Mexican Nationals Have Rights

Trump’s New Re-Written Immigration Order May Already Have Fatal Flaw

Trump May Not Have Divested From Businesses, but Kushner Did

Woman Says No ‘Trump Supporters’ Roommate Ad Meant to Protect Her Home From ‘Bigots’

Give it Up Trump-Haters, You Can’t Legally Remove President Trump Using 25th Amendment Either

Non-Lawyer Stephen Miller Told US Attorney How to Defend Travel Ban, Report Says

Middle Schooler Threw 2×4 at Trump Motorcade, Deputies Say

Here’s What Could Happen if Trump Finds Culprit Behind Flynn Intel Leaks

Democratic Congresswoman Hints Trump Could Be Removed From Office via 25th Amendment

Told You So! Trump Never Filed Those Lawsuits Against Times, Accusers That He Promised During Election

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