Donald Trump

WATCH: Looks Like Jeff Sessions Perjured Himself

Trump Jr., Manafort Decide To Skip Out On Publicly Testifying

New White House Communications Director Gave $$$ to Clinton and Obama

In Legal Leap, Profs Claim Trump Could Face Criminal Charges for Pardons

A Republican DOJ Memo Says Actually, No, Trump Can’t Pardon Himself

Why Trump Critics Should Pray He Pardons Himself

Judge Refuses to Reinstate Trump Sanctuary Cities Order

Trump’s Smooth Brain Isn’t Helping the GOP’s Health Care Pitch

Mueller Investigating Trump, Kushner Dealings in Russia Probe, Report Says

Trump Throws Out Bombshell Accusation That Comey Tried to Hold Dirt Over His Head

Don’t Be Fooled, Of Course Kushner Will Get Permanent Security Clearance

Coincidence? Fmr Trump Lawyer Is Now Representing 8th Person at Junior’s Russia Meeting

‘Offensive and Asinine’: Christine Quinn Goes Apoplectic Over Column Comparing Russians to Dreamers

Court Orders Release of Trump’s ‘Winter White House’ Visitor Logs

Secret Service Just Slapped Down Trump Lawyer, They Wouldn’t Have Screened Jr.’s Russia Meeting

Trump Campaign Paid Trump Jr.’s Lawyer Weeks Before Russian Meeting Revelation

Trump Lawyer Insists Special Counsel Probe Is Suspicious Because It Was Sparked by Comey Memos

Trump Administration, Angry over Diluted Travel Ban, Appeals Again to Supreme Court

Trump Lawyers Tell Him Not to Tweet About Topic, They Leave, He Tweets About It

‘Watch Your Back, B*tch’: Trump Lawyer Kasowitz Unleashes on Critic in Emails

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