Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr., Manafort Decide To Skip Out On Publicly Testifying

If Trump Jr. Is Guilty, So Is Every Democrat Who Takes Information From ‘Dreamers’

Secret Service Just Slapped Down Trump Lawyer, They Wouldn’t Have Screened Jr.’s Russia Meeting

Trump Campaign Paid Trump Jr.’s Lawyer Weeks Before Russian Meeting Revelation

DOUBLE STANDARD: If Trump Jr. Committed a Crime, So Did McCain When He Sought Dirt From Foreign Spy

That Russian Attorney Might Just Be Part of Why Trump Fired Preet Bharara

Sorry But The Constitution Actually Protects Trump Jr. From Prosecution

3 Things Donald Trump Jr. Said in Hannity Interview that Could Get Him in Trouble

Robert Mueller Will be Next to Hear ‘You’re Fired!’ from Trump

Why Donald Trump Jr. is Innocent. Period.

Everyone’s Wondering Why the Heck Donald Jr. Revealed Russia Emails

This Obscure 1990 FEC Opinion May Prove That Trump Jr. Committed a Crime

‘Duplicity, Ignorance, Arrogance’: Preet Bharara Trolls Trump Jr on Twitter

We Now Have ‘Smoking Gun’ To Nail Trump Jr. on a Crime, Harvard Law Prof Says

The Reason One Attorney Says Trump Jr. Might Actually Be Screwed For Russian Lawyer Meeting

No, Trump Jr. Almost Certainly Didn’t Commit a Crime by Trying to Get Dirt from Russian Lawyer

‘This is Treason’: Some Legal Experts Say Trump Jr.’s Clinton Dirt/Russia Meeting Was Illegal

Trump Jr. Talked to Russian Lawyer to Get Harmful Info on Clinton, Report Says

Trump Believes He Has Legal Authority To Fire Robert Mueller (And He Probably Does)

Trump Jr. Claims Obama Told Undocumented Immigrants to Vote. He Didn’t.

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