Democrat Does Not Even Live in District He Hopes to Serve, and That’s Legal!

Viral Video May Prove United Misled Feds During 2014 Rule Change Process

Report: DOJ Brings Congress Documents on Trump Wiretap Claims

GOP Congressman Accuses Anti-Trump Protesters of Knocking His 71-Year-Old Staffer Unconscious

Congress Blocks Rule Barring Mentally Impaired from Guns

Some Republicans Question Trump’s Immigration Order

House Dems Tell White House Counsel That Trump’s Agency Gag Orders Break Several Laws

GOP Introduces Perhaps Most Absurd Pro-Gun Law Yet

New Call for Criminal Charges Against Congressman Who Removed ‘Anti-Police’ Pig Painting

GOP Sneakily Revives Rule Allowing Congressmen to Gut Federal Agencies

House Panel Probing Planned Parenthood Wants Dozen More Criminal Investigations

Scare Tactics Used to Spread Wrong Info About Massive Healthcare Bill About To Sail Through Congress

President Obama Tries to Push Through 98 ‘Midnight Regulations’ But They May Be In Trouble

Congressman’s Teen Grandson Murdered in Fight over Gym Shoes: Police

Democratic Elector May Upset Election Process by Refusing to Vote Clinton

Trump Calls for Constitutional Amendment to Set Term Limits For Congress

House, Senate Leaders Demand Answers From AG Lynch for ‘Special Treatment’ of Clinton Staff Computers

Congress Suddenly Realizes That 9/11 Law Is a Terrible Idea

Why Congress Might Get Blamed for New Jersey Train Crash

Congressman Sends Comey Note: Is It FBI Policy to Release Damning Documents on Holidays?

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