California Police Union Says New Rule to Curb Police Shootings Will Put Officers’ Lives at Risk

CA Chief Justice to Sessions: ICE Agents Should Stop Stalking Undocumented Immigrants at Court

‘I am God!’: Witnesses and Police Clash over Brutal Arrest Video

Homosexuality Haters Ask Supreme Court To Endorse Gay Conversion Therapy

Mystery of Richard Simmons’s Disappearance Puts Spotlight on Elder Abuse

Woman Charged for Sex With Three Underage High School Football Players

Students Allegedly Make Illegal Nude Video of School Administrator Inside Locker Room (UPDATE)

Federal Court Blocks California Law Barring Publication of Actors’ Ages

Travel Ban on Anti-LGBT States Keeps Students From Conferences

Police: Newly Freed Gang Member Killed California Officer

Guilty Plea Expected Involving San Bernardino Terror Attack

College GOP Group Accuses Professor of Attacking One of Its Members During Public Rally

WATCH: Deputy Caught on Camera Threatening to ‘Create Something’ to Justify Arresting Man

Report: Professors Using School Email to Promote Anti-Trump ‘Teach-Ins’

Man Posed as Bieber Online to Extort Nude Photos, Police Say

IMDb Believes Newly-Enacted Law Protecting Actors’ Ages is Unconstitutional

Tesla Owner Sues Claiming Sudden Acceleration Caused Him to Drive Into Home

NYE Prank Suspected as Famous Hollywood Sign Now Reads ‘Hollyweed’

Alert Uber Driver Credited With Helping Police Rescue Teen From Alleged Underage Sex Ring

No, New California Law Doesn’t Legalize Child Prostitution

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