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Trump Mar-a-Lago Travels Cost About as Much in 10 Weeks as Obama in 2 Years, Report Says

Sounds Like Trump Literally Stole His Legal Justification for Syria Attack… From Obama

Why Susan Rice’s Reported ‘Unmasking’ of Trump Officials Raises Very Serious Legal Concerns for Her

Legal Expert: Obama Now Has Strong Case for Libel Lawsuit Against Trump Over Wiretap Claim

Could Obama Admin Have Tapped Into Trump Without Warrant? Yes, But Likely NOT Legally

Conservative Site Offers Primer on How ‘Left is Trying to Mislead on FISA,’ Proceeds to Get Major Fact Wrong

James Clapper Says There Wasn’t FISA Court Order to Wiretap Trump

Yes, There Could Be Serious Legal Problems if Obama Admin Involved in Illegal Surveillance

Yes, Trump Executive Order is (Sort of) Similar to Obama’s 2011 Iraqi Refugee Ban But. . .

Spicer Says Obama Influenced Which Nations Made It to Refugee Ban

Soon-to-be Released Chelsea Manning Pens Scathing Column From Prison

Guess Who Also Ordered Review of Voter Problems? President Obama

So Obama Didn’t Pardon Hillary Clinton, Despite Many Inaccurate Warnings and Predictions

With Hours Left, Last Minute Plea to Get President Obama to Pardon Clinton

Judge Judy Not Very Happy With Obama’s Decision to Commute Chelsea Manning Sentence

Attorney Says Assange Won’t Agree to be Extradited Despite Chelsea Manning’s Commutation

Obama Ending ‘Wet Feet, Dry Feet’ Policy, Report Says

REPORT: President Obama Considering Commuting Chelsea Manning’s Sentence

Obama Taking Apart So-Called ‘Muslim Registry’ Before Trump Can Get to It

WATCH: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Reveals New ‘Revelation’ on Obama Birth Certificate Investigation

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