Aaron Hernandez

Judge Orders Aaron Hernandez Suicide Notes to Be Released to Family

Did Aaron Hernandez Have CTE? Could that Be Used in Court?

Judge Orders State To Preserve Evidence In Hernandez Suicide

Attorney for Aaron Hernandez Says Medical Examiner is Illegally Holding His Brain

Aaron Hernandez Reportedly Smoked Synthetic Marijuana, Wrote Bible Verse on Forehead Before Death

Aaron Hernandez’s Attorney Hints Death Might Not Be Suicide, Calls for Investigation

Despite Murder Conviction, Hernandez Died ‘Innocent Man’ Thanks to Obscure Law

Ex-NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Dead in Apparent Prison Suicide

What Patriots’ Bill Belichick Was Supposed To Say During Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial

WATCH: Aaron Hernandez Attorney Accuses Judge of ‘Lying’ to Jurors, Using ‘Racist’ Words

WATCH: Aaron Hernandez Jury Foreperson Speaks Out About the Verdict

Aaron Hernandez Found Not Guilty of Double Murder

VERDICT WATCH: Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial — Day 6

VERDICT WATCH: Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial — Day 5

VERDICT WATCH: Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial — Day 4

Aaron Hernandez Judge, Attorney Should Be Embarrassed Over Fight About White Juror

VERDICT WATCH: Jose Baez Might Pull Through With Another Acquittal in Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial

VERDICT WATCH: Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial — Day 3

Race Accusations Cause Tempers to Flare Between Defense Lawyers and Judge in Hernandez Case

POLL: Is Aaron Hernandez Guilty Or Not Guilty Of Double Murder?

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