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Khloe Kardashian Sued for Posting Picture of Herself on Instagram

Juan Rosario Found Guilty of Murdering 83-Year-Old Neighbor

Cop Quits, Faces Charges After Alleged Sex With 15-Year-Old He Met Online

More Charges Against Dance Instructor Who Allegedly Molested Female Student

Doctors Indicted in Female Genital Mutilation Probe

‘It’s Like the Rape Victim Being Raped Again’: Lawyer Makes Bizarre Comparison at Gawker Hearing

Judge Blocking Sanctuary City Order Apparently Still Thinks He’s Part of Obama Admin

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Trump’s Loose Lips (Again) Sunk His Sanctuary City Executive Order

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New Lawsuit Alleges Reporter Kelly Wright Viewed as ‘Jim Crow’ of Fox News

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WATCH LIVE: David Creato Murder Trial Day 3

Why Michael Flynn Could Be in Some Deep, Deep Legal Trouble

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