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VIDEO: Police Cleared in Shooting of Visibly Disturbed Man

Officer Shouldn’t Have Arrested Pastor for Preaching Outside DMV, Court Rules

Supporters Believe Trump Could Legalize Sports Gambling Across the Country

Attorney: DC Sniper Life Sentence Unconstitutional

New Mexico Attorney General Sues Troubled School District

Ex-Deputy Who Manhandled Student Won’t Face Civil Rights Charges

Trump Might Have Case for Suing Buzzfeed Over Publishing ‘Unverified’ Dossier

Police Announce Kidnapped Baby Found Alive 18-Years Later (Video)

Bill Would Stop Trans People from Changing Sex on Birth Certificates

Woman Who Drove SUV into T-Mobile Store Said She Got Bad Service, Cops Say (WATCH)

Ex-Teacher Impregnated by 13-Year-Old Sentenced to 10 Years

Man Gets Back at DMV by Bringing In Wheelbarrows of 300,000 Pennies to Pay Taxes

VIDEO: Suspect’s Pants Down as He Tries, Fails to Open Safe

VIDEO: ‘Branded’ Dog Forced to Ride On Top of Trailer

Flag-Burning Arrest Turns Into Lawsuit Against Police

AG Loretta Lynch Announces ‘Pattern of Excessive Force’ at Chicago PD

Wikileaks’ Assange Agrees to be Extradited if Chelsea Manning Gets Clemency From Obama

GOP Congressman Implies Ethics Office Might Shutdown After Bizarre Twitter Incident

Did Trump Just Hint He Wants to Sue British Spy Who Wrote Unverified Dossier?

Who Really Killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman? New Series Asks ‘Is OJ Innocent?’

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