Newt Calls for Madonna’s Arrest, But Con Law Expert Says She Didn’t Do Anything Illegal

Trump’s Notorious Attack Dog Attorney Michael Cohen Will Defend Him in Summer Zervos Lawsuit

Chopper Video Appears to Show Officers Kicking Accused Cop Killer During Arrest

Judge Judy Not Very Happy With Obama’s Decision to Commute Chelsea Manning Sentence

‘Y’all Making up S***!’: Accused Orlando Cop Killer Goes Nuts, Shouts Profanities at Judge (VIDEO)

Creepy Video Shows Attorney Attempting to Put Woman Into Trance for Sexual Gratification

Teen Snatched at Birth Says Alleged Kidnapper ‘Will Always Be Mom’

WATCH VIDEO: Gloria Allred Press Conference With Woman Suing Trump

State High School Commission Gives Second Chance to Player Involved in Referee Attack (Video)

Video Shows Nanny Assaulting Toddler with Curling Iron, Police Say

Police Announce Kidnapped Baby Found Alive 18-Years Later (Video)

Man Gets Back at DMV by Bringing In Wheelbarrows of 300,000 Pennies to Pay Taxes

VIDEO: Suspect’s Pants Down as He Tries, Fails to Open Safe

VIDEO: ‘Branded’ Dog Forced to Ride On Top of Trailer

‘God Bless the Shooter’: Man Taunts Deputies With Sign Supporting Suspected Cop Killer

Leotard Clad Bandit Continues to Stay a Step Ahead of Cops (VIDEO)

WATCH: Employees Fight Back to Thwart Attempted Armed Robbery

WATCH LIVE: Rex Tillerson Secretary of State Confirmation Hearing

WATCH LIVE: Jeff Sessions Attorney General Confirmation Hearing Day 2

Officer Involved in Wild Mother/Daughters Arrest Video Given 10-Day Suspension

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