Missouri College to Appeal Ruling Over Student Drug Testing

4 Plead Guilty in Theft of Dinosaur Bones From Utah Site

1 Wounded in School Shooting, ‘Could Have Been Much Worse’

Hastert Wants Assault Victim to Return $1.7M in Hush Money

Sheriff Accused of Meth Theft Pleads to Felony, Resigns

Student Arrested While Handing Out Constitution Sues College

Man Accused of Planting Note on Plane Warning of Bomb

Mom Pleads Not Guilty to Abducting Kids From Dad in 1985

Attorney Says Assange Won’t Agree to be Extradited Despite Chelsea Manning’s Commutation

Summer Zervos May Have Great Case Against Trump, But Won’t Go Anywhere Soon

Man Posed as Bieber Online to Extort Nude Photos, Police Say

Court Backs Ruling That Man Give Fingerprint to Unlock Phone

Ex-Legislator Gets 15 Months for Taking Money to Back Ron Paul

Why is the News Media Ignoring the Bombshell in Major Catholic Church Abuse Case?

Orlando Nightclub Gunman’s Wife Faces Charges Tied to Attack

Attorney: DC Sniper Life Sentence Unconstitutional

New Mexico Attorney General Sues Troubled School District

Trump Might Have Case for Suing Buzzfeed Over Publishing ‘Unverified’ Dossier

Did Trump Just Hint He Wants to Sue British Spy Who Wrote Unverified Dossier?

Armed 12-Year Old Allegedly Demands Chicken McNugget After Classmate Refuses to Share

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