Ivanka Slammed with Class Action Suit For Allegedly Illegally Using Trump Presidency to Promote Brand

Next Words Director Comey May Hear From President Trump? ‘You’re Fired!’

Pregnant Woman Died When Boyfriend Allegedly Used Her as Human Shield

Why We’ll Hear About Gorsuch’s Controversial Take on ‘Chevron Doctrine’

It’s Time for Fox News to Let Judge Napolitano Go

Trump’s Own Words to CNN Come Back to Bite Him With Travel Ban in Court

Appeals Court Rules Overtime Pay Lawsuit Comes Down to Lack of ‘Comma’ in State Law

President Trump on Witness List in Case Involving Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein

‘I Wish I Would Have Shot You!’: Porn Star’s Mother Tells Off Daughter’s Alleged Attacker

Funny Joke? Texas Bill Would Outlaw Male Masturbation

Fired U.S. Attorney Was Probing if Fox News Illegally Obtained Journalists’ Phone Records, Report Says

Fmr Porn Star Breaks Down on Stand Describing Abuse by War Machine

Judge Faces Penalty for Detaining Kids Who Refused Dad Visit

Expect Trump-Style Beat Down Win over Hawaii in Court on New Travel Ban

Authorities Want Mental Exam of Man in Mother’s Decapitation

Ex-Michigan Trooper Gets Jail Time in Embezzlement Scheme

Ex-San Antonio Officers Sentenced for Orchestrating Sex Scam

Trump’s New Anti-immigrant Policy Would Have Made It Pretty Hard for Melania to Get Here

Md. Gymnastics Coach Sentenced on Child Porn Charges

Trump Asks If It’s Legal for Obama to Wiretap Him… Here’s the Answer

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