Texas Man Ordered To Pay $65,000 In Child Support For Someone Else’s Kid

Driver Due In Court Monday After 9 Die In Sweltering Truck

California Parents Can Lose Custody Of Their Children Even If They Aren’t At Fault

Mom Blames the Media and the Victim At Dalia Dippolito Sentencing

Trump Throws Out Bombshell Accusation That Comey Tried to Hold Dirt Over His Head

Ohio Surgeon Joseph Yurich Convicted Of Lesser Charges In Deadly Boating Crash

This One Image Shows The Power Of Filming Police Interactions

ACLU Launching Campaign Targeting Prosecutors

Hawaii Judge Slaps Down Trump Admin, Further Dilutes Travel Ban

‘HOLD THE F***** SHOT’: Emails Reveal Utterly Insane Tirades from Fired Walking Dead Executive Producer

Trump’s Attorney Trolls Joe Scarborough Over Ditching GOP

ACLU Sues over Voter Fraud Commission, Claiming It’s Too Secretive

Trump Lawyer: Statements Denying Sex Assault Accusations Were ‘Hyperbole’ to Convince Voters

Holly Bobo Murder Trial Delayed After Possible New Evidence Found

Here’s What This DOJ Lawyer Had to Say After She Quit over Trump’s Alleged Corruption

Texas Ruling Puts Same-Sex Marriage Benefits in Doubt

Impeachable Offense? The Major Legal Concerns If Trump Blackmailed MSNBC’s Mika and Joe

Bella Bond’s Mother to be Sentenced in Connection to Baby Death

Court Video Forces Jurors To Confront ‘Unconscious Bias’ So They Don’t Just Trust Cops

Lawsuit Alleges Pattern of Anti-Semitism at San Francisco State University

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