Woman Plans Legal Action After She Says Delta Refused to Stop Masturbating Passenger

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President Trump Says He’s Considering Proposal to Break Up ‘Outrageous’ 9th Circuit Court

Khloe Kardashian Sued for Posting Picture of Herself on Instagram

Doctors Indicted in Female Genital Mutilation Probe

Judge Blocking Sanctuary City Order Apparently Still Thinks He’s Part of Obama Admin

VERDICT WATCH: Steven Jones Northern Arizona University Murder Trial

Why Michael Flynn Could Be in Some Deep, Deep Legal Trouble

WATCH LIVE: Closing Arguments in Northern Arizona University Murder Trial Day 10

Nebraska Bill Would Change Electoral College System, Benefiting Republicans

After Controversial Sanders Endorsement, Minority Whip Says Dems Must Support Roe v. Wade

Trump Having Dinner with Supreme Court Justices

Trump Doubles-Down on Border Wall in Face of Possible Government Shutdown

‘We’ll See’: Sessions on Whether DREAMers Will Be Deported

Carter Page, Investigated for Russia Link, Told by Trump Legal Team to Stop Calling Himself Advisor

With Supreme Court Seat Filled, GOP Looks to Lower Courts

Howard Dean Doesn’t Get That First Amendment Protects Ann Coulter’s ‘Hate Speech’

‘That’s What Mammals Do!’: Alex Jones’ Comments Supporting Trump ‘Pussy’ Video Rear Head in Court

Sanctuary Cities Threatened with Loss of Federal Grant Money

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