Trump’s Ban of Reporters at Press Briefing Isn’t Just Wrong, It’s Unconstitutional

Pageant Queen Sues Claiming Conservative Site Stole Her Identity to Peddle ‘Fake News’

Claims that Trump or His Chief of Staff Committed ‘Obstruction of Justice’ Are Patently Absurd

Nope! Local Cops Are Shying Away From Immigrant Deportations

Calm Down Libs, Trump’s Policy on Transgender Bathrooms Isn’t End of the World

New State Bill Would Purge Universities of Liberal Professors

Democratic Governor Tells Cops Not to Obey Trump Immigration Policy

Yes, ‘Illegal Immigrants’ Do Have Constitutional Rights Even Under Trump’s New Immigration Plan

Utah Moves to Toss School Ban on ‘Advocacy of Homosexuality’

Trump Supporter Takes His Support For Travel Ban to Court, Lashes Out at Washington AG

WATCH OUT: Three Sneaky Ways That Politicians Could Weaken Office of Congressional Ethics

Court Rules Ukrainian Billionaire With Ties to Paul Manafort Can Be Extradited to United States

Supreme Court Going to Hear Really Important Case on Whether Mexican Nationals Have Rights

Dem. Senator Demands Answers Amid Reports of Warrantless Phone Searches at Airport Border Crossings

Woman Says No ‘Trump Supporters’ Roommate Ad Meant to Protect Her Home From ‘Bigots’

Hundreds of Texans May Have Voted Improperly

In Amended Libel Lawsuit, Melania Trump Now Includes ‘Hooker’ Statement from NY Times Reporter

Trump’s Threat to Withhold Federal Funding For ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Apparently Worked

Democratic Congresswoman Hints Trump Could Be Removed From Office via 25th Amendment

Trump Card: Keeping Score of Presidential Legal Issues (Week Feb. 10 to 17)

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