Report: Professors Using School Email to Promote Anti-Trump ‘Teach-Ins’

Newt Calls for Madonna’s Arrest, But Con Law Expert Says She Didn’t Do Anything Illegal

Liberal Lawyers Will Lose Suit Against Trump; Constitution Does Not Ban Him From White House

Ethics Lawyers File Lawsuit Alleging Trump is Already Violating Constitution

This Proves Trump’s IRS Audit Tax Excuse Was Bunch of B.S.

Secret Service Investigating Woman for ‘Assassinate Trump’ Tweet

Women’s March Led to ZERO Arrests, Official Says

Most Popular New White House Petition Demands Trump Release Tax Returns

And So It Begins, Trump Botches First Libel Bully Media Attack

Chaffetz Called ‘Subhuman’ by Fmr. Clinton Campaign Aide Over Instagram Post

Here is Likely Reason Trump’s New Limo Did Not Debut at 2017 Inauguration

Trump’s Notorious Attack Dog Attorney Michael Cohen Will Defend Him in Summer Zervos Lawsuit

Report: Protesters Attempting to Block Access to Inauguration Day Security Checkpoints

Gloria Allred Seeking Public Donations to Support Summer Zervos Lawsuit Against Tump

Report: Multi-Agency Probe Investigating Possible Secret Russian Money Used to Aid Trump

Merrick Garland Quietly Returns to Bench as Chief Judge of D.C. Circuit Court

Trump Education Secretary Pick Sure Doesn’t Seem Willing to Enforce Laws Against Fake Colleges

Lawyers Will Give Free Legal Help to Protesters Arrested at Trump Inauguration

Ethics Experts Concerned About Nominee Scott Pruitt’s Plans for EPA Lawsuits

Summer Zervos May Have Great Case Against Trump, But Won’t Go Anywhere Soon

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